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Presented By: Judith Flores, M.Ed. School Counselor / Career Counselor Forest Park High School.

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1 Presented By: Judith Flores, M.Ed. School Counselor / Career Counselor Forest Park High School

2  In 2009, the number of college applicants who took the ACT, for all practical purposes, finally equaled the number who took the SAT (SAT = 1.5 million students & ACT = 1.4 million students).  The ACT is now an equal competitor in the admission process and students are as likely to take it as the SAT.

3  The SAT measures two areas. It measures developed verbal reasoning, which are the type of skills that would be measured by reading long reading passages.  In mathematics, the SAT measures developed mathematical reasoning.  The SAT measures a student’s ability to understand and interpret information that may or may not have been presented in a classroom setting.

4 The SAT has three sections:  Math focuses on numbers and operation; algebra; geometry; data analysis; and probability and statistics.  Critical reading focuses on sentence completion and reading comprehension.  Short essay is a 25-minute writing on a given prompt and it is mandatory.

5  The ACT is curriculum-based. The ACT is not an aptitude or an IQ test. Instead, the questions on the ACT are directly related to what students have learned in high school courses in English, mathematics, and science.  Because the ACT tests are based on what is taught in the high school curriculum, students are generally more comfortable with the ACT than they are with traditional aptitude tests or tests with narrower content.

6 The ACT has four sections: 1. English focuses on mechanics; grammar; and rhetoric skills. 2. Math tests the areas of algebra through trigonometry. 3. Reading focuses on arts and literature. 4. Science reasoning consists of evaluation and problem solving. 5. The ACT also has an optional essay.

7  SAT Reasoning Test - $51.00  SAT Subject Test - $24.50 basic registration add $24 Language with Listening Tests add $13.00 per specific test  ACT (no writing) - $36.50  ACT (with writing) - $52.50

8  Division I Athletics sliding scale with either test (ACT or SAT) and core grade point average of 2.0 minimum  Division II Athletics minimum grade point average of 2.0 SAT score = 820 ACT sum score = 68

9 ACT SAT 36 2400 35 2340 34 2260 33 2190 32 2130 31 2040 30 1980 29 1920 28 1860 27 1820 26 1760 25 1700 24 1650 23 1590 22 1530 ACT SAT 21 1500 20 1410 19 1350 18 1290 17 1210 16 1140 15 1060 14 1000 13 900 12 780 11 750

10   Check with your student’s school and ask for the SAT Disability contact.  Be mindful of application dates.  Materials are time sensitive.  Not every application is approved.

11  Every school is allowed a certain amount of SAT and ACT waivers.  Will NOT waive late fee.  Check with the eligibility standards for each school.  Each student is allowed two each year.  College Application fee waivers are also available for schools who participate.

12  The SAT and ACT are not pass or fail tests.  Tests can be retaken and scores from multiple tests can be used.  Your students’ body of work is most important.

13  SAT and ACT study tools are available at:    Prince William County High School students could also access a FREE SAT online preparation course. For more information visit: ups/homepagefiles/cms/1007121/File/Counseling/SAT%2 0letter%20on%20letterhead%2013- 14.pdf?sessionid=e8089124e76cfda54f3e9e505e33cbed ups/homepagefiles/cms/1007121/File/Counseling/SAT%2 0letter%20on%20letterhead%2013- 14.pdf?sessionid=e8089124e76cfda54f3e9e505e33cbed


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