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WELCOME Parents & Seniors Senior Transition Night.

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1 WELCOME Parents & Seniors Senior Transition Night

2 Agenda Senior Events Admissions Testing Applications, Transcripts Resumes, Recommendation Letters Essays NCAA Campus Visits Financial Aid Scholarships

3 College Admission Tests * SAT I Reasoning Test 20142015 October 11January 24 November 8March 14 December 6May 2 June 6 *ACT 20142015 September 13January 9 November 7March 13 May 8 ADMISSIONS TESTS

4 ACTSAT Length 3 hours, 25 min (with Writing Test) 3 hours, 45 minutes Structure 4 Sections (English, Math, Reading, Science) Plus an optional Writing Test 10 Sections 3 Critical Reading, 3 Math, 3 Writing, and 1 Experimental, which is un-scored STRUCTURE/FORMAT

5 ACTSAT Score Composite of 1 – 36 based on average scores from the 4 test sections 4 scores of 1-36 for each test Optional Writing Test score of 0-12 Total score of 600-2400 based on adding scores from 3 subjects 3 scores of 200-800 for each subject Score of 0-12 for the Essay Wrong Answer Penalty No penalty for wrong answers ¼ point subtracted from your raw score for each wrong answer (except for Math Grid-Ins) Sending Score History You decide which score is sent * Some colleges require you to send all scores, check with the college to be sure SCORING

6 ACTSAT Reading Reading Comprehension Sentence Completions Math Arithmetic Algebra Geometry Algebra II Trigonometry Arithmetic Algebra Geometry Algebra II Science Analysis Interpretation Evaluation Basic Content Problem Solving Not applicable CONTENT

7 ACTSAT English 5 different types of prose passages 75 multiple choice questions Usage & Mechanics - punctuation -grammar and usage -sentence structure Rhetorical Skills -strategy -organization -style Not applicable Essay Optional Final Section 30 minutes Not included in Composite Score Topics of importance to students First Section 25 minutes Factored into overall score More abstract topic CONTENT

8 Three Basic Admission Models Open Admission - minimum academic requirements Formula Admission - SAT/ACT scores; GPA ranges; specified curriculum Highly Selective Admission - SAT/ACT scores; GPA ranges; specified curriculum; essays; recommendations; extra curricular activities; interviews COLLEGE ADMISSION SELECTION PROCESS GA ADMISSIONS

9 Formula Admissions Freshman Index (FI) SAT FI = (500 x HSGPA) +SAT CR = SAT M ACTFI= (500 x HSGPA) + (ACT composite x 42) + 88 Minimum Scores University System of Georgia SAT 400 Math; 430 Critical Reading ACT 17 Math; 17 English GA ADMISSIONS

10 Admission Requirements (all numbers 50th percentile) Avg. GPAAvg. SAT(cr/m)Avg. ACT GA Southern3.20111023 GA State3.30106522 GA College3.40114024 GA Tech. 3.95139031 Kennesaw3.20108023 Univ. GA3.86124028 GA ADMISSIONS

11 GPA -Un-weighted GPA -Weighted GPA (extra quality points for honors and AP) -Overall GPA -Core GPA (College Preparatory Coursework or Required High School Coursework) GRADE POINT AVERAGE

12 Kennesaw State University “Academic grade point average minimum of 2.5 as calculated by Kennesaw State University, using only the Required High School Coursework. This GPA is calculated using a 4 point scale. AP and IB classes are not weighted differently.” Georgia Institute of Technology “During the application process, we will evaluate the weighted GPA (if available) listed on your high school transcript. Utilizing this method enables us to look at your grades and class selection within the context of your own high school.” Georgia Southern University “To process transcripts, we must recalculate your GPA based on the required high school curriculum, so it may appear lower than you originally anticipated because we do not factor in classes like Art, Drama, Theater, etc.” GRADE POINT AVERAGE


14 Transcripts are sent: Postal Service Electronically thru: Parchment Exchange SENDedu TRANSCRIPTS

15 RESUMES/ESSAYS RECOMMENDATION LETTERS Resume: What you are doing Essay: Who you are Recommendation : Anecdotal descriptions written by counselors, teachers, ministers, employers, coaches, etc.

16 College Bound Athletes For Division I and Division II level * Register with NCAA Clearinghouse end of junior year *Official transcript from every high school attended *SAT/ACT scores sent directly from testing agency *Final transcript sent after graduation NCAA

17 Financial Aid Financial aid is based on need Must file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) After January 1 of the senior year File Early Have tax return ready to go Colleges typically develop individual aid packages around the first of April FINANCIAL AID

18 Financial Aid comes in several forms: Federal Pell Grant Federal Supplemental Grant Federal Work-Study Federal Perkins Loan Federal Stafford Loan Federal Plus Loans for Parents FINANCIAL AID

19 Scholarships - Scholarships are based on merit -Apply early -The college will be the PRIMARY source -Private companies and foundations will be the SECONDARY source SCHOLARSHIPS

20 1. Zell Miller Scholarship -Eligibility 3.70 GPA college preparatory curriculum 1200 SAT (cr/m) or 26 (composite) ACT -Award Amounts Public University- Full tuition Private University– pays $4,000 per year Georgia’s HOPE Program HOPE PROGRAM

21 2. HOPE Scholarship - Eligibility 3.0 GPA college preparatory curriculum -Award Amounts Public university- pays a percentage of tuition (90% this past year). Private university- $3,600 HOPE PROGRAM

22 3. HOPE Grant - Eligibility No GPA requirement For students seeking a technical certificate or diploma -Award Amount Covers a percentage of the tuition up to 63 credits HOPE PROGRAM

23 Applying for the Programs Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Complete the Georgia Student Finance Application (GSFAPPS) HOPE PROGRAM

24 Final Questions? Thanks for Coming

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