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2 WHAT ARE WE DOING TODAY?  Things to know for junior year.  Sign onto Naviance and update your Individual Learning Plan (ILP).  Explore a career related to your Pathway.  Meet with your counselor to finalize course selections for next year.

3 JUNIOR YEAR  Continue to challenge yourself. GPA and RANK in class calculated at the end of junior year.  What tests will I take?  PSAT’s in October – how do I register?  SAT’S in Spring  SAT Subject Tests –what are they?  Take the PLAN on May 12 th THIS YEAR  Consider ACT’s

4 DECISIONS FOR NEXT YEAR  Take a course in a career path in which you have an interest.  Civics, now or senior year?  Continue in a world language?

5 What’s an ILP? (Individualized Learning Plan)  You began your ILP last year. It helps you relate your high school courses to your chosen career pathway.  Today we will update your ILP and explore a career of interest. Follow the instructions provided.

6 Naviance Instructions 10th Grade  To sign in to Naviance:  Go to  Go to Departments and then Guidance  Click on Naviance flag (scroll down).  Click on link to Naviance website.  Enter your email address as ID.  Use password you set up last year.  See counselor if you do not remember it.

7 Update ILP  Go to “About Me”  Click on “Journal”  Click on “ILP”  Click on “Individualized Learning Plan”  Click on “Open”  Once in ILP:  1) Enter your 10th grade classes.  2) Change the date at the top  3) If you want to change your Career Pathway, you may.  4) Save the worksheet to your high school documents account.  4) Close ILP spreadsheet.  Go back to Naviance and go to “About Me”  Go to “Journal”and then “Add new Entry”.  Enter “10th grade ILP” as Subject  Click share with Counselors/Parents  To upload your ILP –  Go to “Browse”  Find the updated ILP in your documents  Open the ILP  Click “Attach”  Click “Add Journal Entry”

8 Career Exploration  Career Exploration:  Go to “Careers” tab  Click on “Cluster Finder  Click on “View my previous survey results”.  If you did not complete the survey, do so now and then go to “View my previous survey results”.  Click on one of your clusters  Click on “Related Careers”.  Choose a career to research  Follow and complete the worksheet that will be handed out to you.  If you do not finish today, please go into Naviance from home and complete the career exercise.


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