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Naviance Family Connection

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1 Naviance Family Connection
Parent Guide

2 Getting Registered your student’s counselor to receive a registration code. Go to the RHS website and click the Naviance Family Connection Link

3 Getting Registered Click “I Need to Register”

4 Getting Registered Enter your code in the box and click Register

5 Getting Registered Fill out the form, click “I accept,” and click “Complete Registration.

6 Navigating Naviance: The Home page
Return to this screen Find links to important websites Check this for important forms Easily contact your counselor

7 Navigating Naviance: Courses
Return to this screen See your student’s completed courses See the current 4 year plan your student is working on See the most recent plan that was approved by the counselor

8 Navigating Naviance: Courses
Manage My Course Plans Only your student can edit their plans Plans that were submitted by the student and approved by the counselor Plans that have been submitted and are waiting for counselor approval Plans that are in progress and can still be changed Click the title to view the plan

9 Navigating Naviance: Courses
Viewing a Draft Plan Click Review and Finalize

10 Navigating Naviance: Courses
Viewing a Draft Plan Click “VIEW BY GRADE LEVEL”

11 Navigating Naviance: Courses
Viewing a Draft Plan Has your student signed up for enough classes each year? Are they taking classes consistent with their career path? Are they challenging themselves to the best of their ability? 8 credits is a full schedule

12 Navigating Naviance: Courses
Approving the Plan Click Notes and Comments to enter a note to confirm that you have viewed your student’s plan and agree with their choices Click here to exit the planner and go back to the Courses tab

13 Navigating Naviance: Colleges
Click here to return to this screen Track what steps your student has taken to have documents sent to their prospective schools Find information about colleges Search for Scholarships

14 Navigating Naviance: Careers
Click here to return to this screen Get an overview of careers including the schooling needed and the earning potential View any career assessments your student has taken

15 Navigating Naviance: About Me
Click the Profile to see your student’s GPA and Rank *Students are not given a rank until the Junior year Click here to see your child’s PSAT, AP, SAT, and ACT scores

16 Naviance Family Connection
We hope you enjoy using this valuable program. Contact your student’s counselor if you have any questions.

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