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NAO: a national network of ahecs committed to a well-prepared health professions’ workforce to improve access to quality health care Robert Trachtenberg,

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1 NAO: a national network of ahecs committed to a well-prepared health professions’ workforce to improve access to quality health care Robert Trachtenberg, ms Executive Director National AHEC organization Dr. Carol Giffin-Jeansonne Executive Director, western colorado ahec Presentation to the colorado Health insurance/Benefit exchange Marketing, education and outreach workgroup October 19, 2011 Robert Trachtenberg; NAO 4/12/2017

2 Discussion History and Overview AHEC Defined
National AHEC Organization AHEC By the Numbers Importance of the AHECs re Health Care Workforce Pipeline Key Programmatic Initiatives Impact 2010 On the Horizon Discussion Robert Trachtenberg; NAO 4/12/2017

3 History and Overview AHEC Program created in 1971 recruit, train and retain a health professions workforce committed to underserved populations. Authorizing Legislation: Section 751 of the Public Health Service Act Title VII; Reauthorized in 2010 ACA DHHS/HRSA/BHPr/Division of Public Health & Interdisciplinary Education/AHEC Branch Federal Register Vol 61 No 14 Monday Jan 22, pg Robert Trachtenberg; NAO 4/12/2017

4 History and Overview Funding Recipients Congressional Intent
via Federal cooperative agreements and matching state and local funds Recipients Schools of Medicine/ Osteopathic Medicine; Parent Institutions; Incorporated Consortia; Nursing Schools Congressional Intent That there be an AHEC Program in every state Robert Trachtenberg; NAO 4/12/2017

5 National AHEC Organization
The National Area Health Education Center Organization (NAO) The national organization (incorporated 1997 ) that supports and advances the national Area Health Education Center (AHEC) network in improving the health of individuals and communities by transforming health care through education Membership: AHEC Programs , Community-Based AHECs & other supporting individuals and organizations Provides resources, communications, training, conferences, technical assistance, programmatic initiatives aligned with AHEC goals, legislative updates to the membership NAO Leadership: Board members and committee chairs comprised of AHEC Program and Center leadership Robert Trachtenberg; NAO 4/12/2017

6 Area Health Education Centers
Area Health Education Centers (AHECs) Academic and community partnerships that provide: Health career recruitment programs for K-12 students Programs that increase diversity in the health care workforce Programs that support increased access to quality health care in medically underserved areas (teaching; community outreach; collaborative partnerships) AHECs address health care workforce issues: By exposing students to health care career opportunities that they otherwise would not have encountered Establishing community-based training sites for students in service-learning and clinical capacities Providing continuing education programs for health care professionals, and evaluating the needs of underserved communities Robert Trachtenberg; NAO 4/12/2017

7 AHEC by the Numbers 2011 A national network unlike any other in the U.S. 55 AHEC Programs (53 Medical School; 2 Nursing) 253 Community-Based AHECs in underserved rural and urban areas 48 States (Kansas/Delaware) and the District of Columbia, Guam, Palau, Yap, American Samoa, Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Puerto Rico have AHEC Programs Affiliated with over 600 colleges and universities and over 1,000 Community Health Centers Robert Trachtenberg; NAO 4/12/2017

8 National AHEC Network 48 States, 55 Medical Schools & 253 Community-Based Sites throughout the country Most in rural and underserved communities Great capacity to address vital national health issues Workforce Pipeline Collegiate Health Service Corps (NHSC Contract) Technical Assistance and Evaluation (HRSA Contract) Provider Education Initiatives Smoking Cessation Adult Vaccination Community Health Worker Development All AHECs are active advocates for improved health outcomes Robert Trachtenberg; NAO 4/12/2017

9 AHEC Programs & Centers Distribution
Robert Trachtenberg; NAO 4/12/2017

10 Key Programmatic Initiatives
Connecting Students to Careers Goal Increase representation of diverse populations in the health care professions (including allied health) for students K-16 Connecting (Pre) Professionals to Communities Expose health professions students to training at community-based sites: HPSAs and CHCs Robert Trachtenberg; NAO 4/12/2017

11 Key Programmatic Initiatives
Connecting Communities to Better Health Responding to local health needs and serving as an important link between academic training programs and community-based outreach programs AHECs and NAO actively work to advance and improve health care AHECs actively engaged with state Health Benefits/Insurance Exchange Development Programming Provide innovative, collaborative, multi-disciplinary responses to community health issues including:  diabetes, obesity, asthma, and traumatic brain injury Robert Trachtenberg; NAO 4/12/2017

12 Increasing Health Care Professionals 2010
Students Introduced to Health Careers K-16: 413,643 Students in Enrichment Programs K-16: 25,871 Health Professionals in CE: Total Contact Hours: 1,243,134 Total Participants: 476, 595 Community Based Training Sites: 15,042 54% Designated Underserved Areas 25% Rural AHEC Sites 16% AHEC Urban Community based Sites 5% Other Sites Health Professions Students Trained at Community-Based Sites: 51,722 MD/DO: 39% Nursing: 23% Allied Health: 15% Other (MH; APN; Ph; PA; PH; Dental, CHW): 23% Robert Trachtenberg; NAO 4/12/2017

13 On the Horizon Thoughts? To Consider Exploring NAO’s role with HB/IE
Colorado and Nationally To Consider NAO developing core educational HB/IE information for consumers NAO acting as regional offices within states Providing a cost-effective resource and a community-based infrastructure Navigators for HB/IE consumers Capacity for national-based trainings Thoughts? Robert Trachtenberg; NAO 4/12/2017

14 Dr. Carol Giffin-Jeansonne
Questions Robert Trachtenberg, MS Executive Director National AHEC Organization (414) x131 Dr. Carol Giffin-Jeansonne Executive Director WCAHEC (970) Robert Trachtenberg; NAO 4/12/2017

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