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Primary Care Career Opportunities in Oregon Filling a Fundamental Need in Healthcare.

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1 Primary Care Career Opportunities in Oregon Filling a Fundamental Need in Healthcare

2 Oregon Primary Care Office (PCO) Promotes health equity and access to quality health services for all people living in Oregon, with the following services: Data Acquisition and Analysis Technical Assistance Information and Policy Analysis

3 Oregon Healthcare Workforce Recruitment and Retention Partnership State Partners collaborate to increase their collective impact across Oregon Coordinated technical assistance Effective communications Shared Resources

4 What is primary care? Medical Dental Behavioral Health Primary care practitioners are a patients principal points of contact in a health care system, providing treatment for a wide variety of illnesses and conditions.

5 Changing Practice Environment: Integration of services Patient-centered primary care homes (PCPCH) A more team-oriented approach to care.

6 Health professionals who practice primary care in underserved places seek… Continuous learning Long-term patient relationships Patient diversity Cultural competency A team approach

7 Opportunities for students National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program Oregon Locum Tenens Cooperative (OLTC) J-1 VISA Waiver Program Oregon Healthcare Workforce Liaisons (OHWL)

8 National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Thousands of talented and dedicated clinicians are given financial incentives to practice primary health care in communities where the need is greatest. Medical ~ Dental ~ Mental Health

9 Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) identify areas in need of health care professionals.

10 Shortages in medical, dental or mental health practitioners are different around the state.

11 Community based practices NHSC Approved Sites include: Mental Health Organizations Community Health Centers Rural Health Clinics Private practices Dental Clinics Other underserved settings

12 Approved community-based sites… Treat everyone regardless of their ability to pay. Accept all patients regardless of religion or demographics. Employ full-time health care clinicians.

13 NHSC Loan Repayment Program Students committed to serving underserved populations and practicing in NHSC Approved sites can receive assistance with their student loans.

14 Loan Repayment Commitment 2 year Full Time Clinical Practice: Loan repayment of up to $60,000 in total available, depending on the HPSA score of the practice site. Additional loan repayment: Loan repayors can apply for continued loan repayment, one year at a time, until all qualifying educational loans are paid. Part-time Loan Repayment: Loan repayors can apply to be part-time (20-39 hrs/wk), working less hours and receiving a smaller award. Go to: for comprehensive information about NHSC Loan Repayment.

15 Mental Health professions qualifying for NHSC programs : Other eligible professions include: allopathic/osteopathic physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, primary care dentist, dental hygienist. See the NHSC website for a full listing and eligibility requirements. Licensed Professional Counselor Marriage and Family Therapist Licensed Clinical Social Worker Psychiatric Nurse Specialist Health Service Psychologist Psychiatrist

16 How to Find Your Practice Site To look at open positions: Approved Sites list on the Sites page Job Center on the Sites page (check May 1!) HPSA Find Or, become a member of NHSCs Facebook Page!

17 Oregon Locums Tenens Cooperative (OLTC) Ensuring temporary or short-term practice relief, caring for Oregons rural and underserved communities. Locum Tenens = A provider who substitutes temporarily for another.

18 OLTC has multiple practitioner opportunities: OLTC practitioners (MD, DO, NP or PA) work with member practices, providing more affordable short-term coverage and access to care for communities. L2P practitioners are able to practice locums in up to 6 communities during the first year of NHSC commitment while earning loan repayment. Contact Anna Tupper:

19 J-1 VISA Waiver Program International students who complete a U.S fellowship or residency must return home for two years afterward. This requirement is waived if they commit to practice in a high need area for three years. They then can apply for a J-1 VISA Waiver.

20 Oregon Healthcare Workforce Liaisons (OHWL) The PCO is piloting an online network to improve information-sharing and coordination about the health care workforce across the state. Healthcare training and workforce programs, health care students and professionals, and practice sites are encouraged to join this online network by e-mailing

21 The PCO is Oregons Contact for: Oregon Primary Care Office (PCO) Oregon Office of Health Policy and Research (503) 373 -1779 NHSC ~ J-1 VISA ~ OHWL

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