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Jason Holland Permian Production Equipment, Inc. Welding, Cutting and Brazing Safety.

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1 Jason Holland Permian Production Equipment, Inc. Welding, Cutting and Brazing Safety

2 Beam Gas Compressor Beam Gas Compressor TM 1. The BGC™ is installed on oil wells to relieve restricting back pressure caused by production facilities and sales line pressure. Back pressure in the casing restricts the formations oil and gas production. 2. The BGC™ is used to increase gas sales on wells with low bottom hole pressures by forcing gas into the sales line. 3. The BGC™ is utilized to capture and compress vented gas into the sales line, allowing the operator to comply with EPA requirements. 4. The BGC™ is used to supply gas to operate lease equipment such as separators, natural gas engines, etc. 5. The BGC™ is used on rod pumping gas wells to increase gas production and sales by drawing the produced gas up the casing and into the flow line which relieves gas locking from the down hole pump. 6. The BGC™ makes marginal wells profitable where an increase in production could mean the difference between making a profit or showing a loss. 7. The BGC™ has applications where gas compression is needed in sour gas service. The BGC is manufactured to operate in extreme sour gas situations. 8. The BGC™ is utilized in remote locations where dependable gas compression is required.

3 With growing demand for out product, we have decided to upgrade to a new facility in order to manufacture a supply that meets the requirements for the oil field. The new facility will include: –New machine shop equipment, including a new lathe, end mill and computerized machining center. –Larger, more spacious assembly area. –Indoor and covered storage for completed compressors. –New welding shop with multi- process Miller welder, plasma cutter, and oxy-acetylene torch..

4 Welding, Cutting, and brazing.

5 Cutting steel. Cutting with an oxy-acetylene torch or plasma cutter covers several safety genres: –Fire Safety (29 CFR 1910.253, oxygen-fuel gas cutting and welding) Maximum pressure of acetylene is 15 psi. Only approved apparatus such as torches, regulators, etc. shall be used Cylinders shall be constructed and maintained within DOT standards. Cylinders 30lbs and above must have protective screw on caps. Refer to OSHA standard for other regulations.

6 –Ensure exit routes are clearly marked.(29 CFR 1910.36) –Use basic fire safety precautions:(29 CFR 1910.252) Move steel being cut away from flammable substances, if metal cannot be moved, clear surrounding area of flammable substances. Ensure guards such as fire blankets are in place. A suitable fire extinguisher shall be present before any cutting takes place. Refer to OSHA regulation for more detailed instruction on cutting metal.

7 Welding Precautions Welding, whether it be flux core, MIG, or TIG, should follow the same fire safety precautions as cutting. High amounts of voltage are used to power welding equipment. –Precautions in 29 CFR 1910 subpart S should be used to avoid any accidents involving electricity Welding Equipment should be installed safely. (29 CFR 1910.254) –Ensure equipment can handle rated loads. –Make sure exposure to corrosive fumes, oil, flammable liquids, and steam are limited to necessary use only. –Ensure proper grounding of machine.

8 Personal Protective Equipment Protective Equipment for welding should include: –Welding Mask, protects against extreme UV light put off by welding arc. –Leather gloves, protects hands against burns by UV light and slag. –Protective sleeves, keeps arms free of burns, prevents clothing from catching on fire. –In some instances a full protective suit are required for the welder.

9 Ventilation Requirements Welding produces fumes and vapors that can cause many health problems. –Manganese sickness: welders ingest manganese through fumes produced by welding rods, has been linked to causing Parkinson disease. –Silicosis: a disease of the lungs caused by breathing welding fumes. Welding shops are required to have proper ventilation.(29 CFR 1910.94) –Concentration of respirable dust or fumes shall be kept below certain levels –Exhaust ventilation systems must be used to remove harmful particles from the air. –Filters must be changed on a regular basis.


11 Permian Production Equipment, Inc. Safety is paramount in all aspects of manufacturing. Welding, Cutting and Brazing safety all lies in the hands of whomever is using the equipment.

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