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The Order of the Mass 10 November 2009 Fr. Keith A. Mathur R.C.I.A. Presentation.

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1 The Order of the Mass 10 November 2009 Fr. Keith A. Mathur R.C.I.A. Presentation

2 General Theology on the Mass Celebration of the Eucharist Instituted at the Last Supper… When? The Mass is very biblical Paschal Mystery- celebrated Heaven and earth collide at the altar during the Mass ◦The Mass makes present again the one single sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. (Sacrifice of the Mass) ◦Greatest thing in the world!

3 4 Parts of the Mass 1.) Introductory Rites 2.) Liturgy of the Word 3.) Liturgy of the Eucharist 4.) Concluding Rite


5 Processional Psalm 43:4 Procession Genuflect/Bow Reverence the altar Take appropriate seats

6 Greeting Matthew 18:20 Sign of the Cross Priests greets people ◦“The Lord be with you” or other options

7 Penitential Rite Matthew 9:13 Communal admittance of one’s sins True worship requires ____+____ This rite can be carried out in various ways. ◦Confiteor ◦Lord Have Mercy

8 The Gloria Luke 2:14 Hymn of praise Very ancient hymn Sung/spoken at every Sunday Mass except during Advent and Lent

9 The Collect Psalm 6:9 Fancy name for the “Opening Prayer” Observe brief period of silence after “Let us pray” and the actual prayer to “collect” ourselves. Prayer usually expresses the main theme of the Mass. Connection with the readings. Words are addressed to the Father, through the Son and in the Holy Spirit (TRINITY!!! )


11 Readings (1 st, Responsorial Psalm, 2 nd, Gospel Verse, Gospel) Matthew 4:4 Christ is present when His word is proclaimed. “Table of the word” Instructs and prepares us to celebrate at the “Table of the Eucharist” First reading – usually, but not always from Old Testament Responsorial Psalm 2 nd Reading- New Testament Gospel Verse- “Alleluia” except during Lent Gospel--- Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

12 The Homily Col. 2:1-2 St. Augustine ◦1.) To instruct ◦2.) To encourage ◦3.) To entertain ◦Need for a healthy balance between the 3. ◦If all you do is one of them, then it usually fails.

13 The Profession of Faith John 6:68-69 Summary of all that we believe Ancient formula founded in 325 A.D. Every Sunday/Solemnity Express one’s faith prior to celebrating the Eucharist Bow during “by the power of the Holy Spirit…”

14 Prayers of the Faithful Psalm 20:1-5 Remind the faithful that they are united to all their brothers/sister around the world. Prayers for the church, the nation, military, sick, dead, special needs, poor, etc.


16 The Liturgy of the Eucharist Luke 22:19

17 Preparation of the Gifts Ps. 51:17 Altar is prepared Gifts of bread/wine are brought forward Spiritual sense: We are bring our very selves forward as an offering Blesses the gifts Washes hands Invitation to pray (Pray my brothers and sisters…)

18 Prayer over the Gifts and the Preface Prayer that builds on the themes of the Mass and serves as an entrance into the Eucharistic Prayer. Preface--- numerous ones depending on the feast day or season of the year.

19 The Eucharistic Prayer Heb. 9:11-12 Mass as a Sacrifice Christ = “made present” There are 4 ordinary Eucharistic prayers. Most important part of Eucharistic Prayer= words of institution In Persona Christi= priest ◦“This is MY body” ◦“This is MY blood” ◦Most sacred action of the priesthood ◦Source and summit of the Christian life

20 The Lord’s Prayer Mt. 6:7-8 Words that Jesus taught his very disciples Petition for nourishment Implores forgiveness of sins Made holy for the Eucharist

21 The Sign of Peace Jn. 14:27 Exchange of a sign of peace Therefore if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled with your brother; then come and offer your gift. -- Matthew 5: 23-24 Sign of Peace is optional; USCCB has asked one of two things during Flu Season: 1.) Omit; 2.) Bow

22 The Lamb of God Rev. 5:12 Beautiful imagery Lamb that goes to slaughter for our sake Takes away the sins of the whole world

23 Communion Jn 6:53-54 Greatest privilege of those in complete union with Christ Approach with humility Approach free from mortal sin 1 hour fast Sign of reverence = bow Received either on tongue/hand Time for meditation afterwards

24 The Concluding Rite

25 1.) Closing Prayer ◦Gratitude for the gift of the Eucharist 2.) Final Blessing 3.) Dismissal

26 Questions, Comments…

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