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Order of the Catholic Mass

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1 Order of the Catholic Mass
5 Main Parts Introductory Rites Liturgy of the Word Liturgy of the Eucharist Communion Rites The Concluding Rites

2 Introductory Rites Procession Greeting –new response
Penitential Act-new Gloria-new Opening Prayer

3 Liturgy of the Word 1st Reading-Old Testament Responsorial psalm
2nd Reading-New Testament Alleluia-not during Advent or Lent Gospel-New Testament Homily-Priest explanation Profession of Faith- Nicene Creed-new Prayer of the Faithful- pray for the church, country, community

4 Liturgy of the Eucharist
Presentation of the Gifts Preparation of the gifts Prayer over the gifts Eucharistic Prayer-new Holy, Holy, Holy….. New Institution Narrative- New Memorial Acclamation

5 The Communion Rite Lords Prayer Sign of Peace-new
Breaking of Bread-Lamb of God new Holy Communion Reflection and prayer after Communion

6 The Concluding Rites Greeting- priest say good-bye Final blessing
Dismissal Recessional

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