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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

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1 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Chapter 17 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

2 Vocabulary Active solar heating system Biofuel Cogeneration
Energy conservation Energy efficiency Geothermal energy Hydropower Super insulated house Wind farm

3 Active Solar Heating System
A system that uses solar collectors from the sun and store it as heat for space heating and water heating.

4 Biofuel Gas or liquid fuel made from plant material (biomass)

5 Cogeneration Production of two useful forms of energy, such as high-temperature heat or steam electricity, from the same fuel source

6 Energy Conservation Reducing or eliminating the unnecessary waste of energy

7 Energy Efficiency Percentage of the total energy that does useful work and is not converted into low quality, usually useless heat in an energy conversion system or process

8 Geothermal Energy Heat transferred from the Earth’s underground concentrations of dry steam, wet steam or hot water trapped in porous rock

9 Hydropower Electrical energy produced by falling for flowing water
In a Hydroelectric plant, the water spins a turbine to create energy

10 Super insulated house House that is heavily insulated and extremely airtight

11 Wind Farm Cluster of small to medium sized wind turbines in a windy area to capture wind and convert it to electrical energy

12 Objectives How can we improve energy efficiency?
-As individuals we can save energy and money by buying more efficient cars, lighting & heating systems, air conditioners and appliances

13 What are the advantages/disadvantages of using solar energy to heat buildings and water and to produce electricity? Advantages: Energy is free Net energy is moderate to high Quick installation No CO2 emissions Very low air and water pollution Very low land disturbance Moderate cost Disadvantages: Need access to sun 60% of the time Sun blocked by other structures Need heat storages system Active system needs maintenance and repair

14 What are the advantages and disadvantages of using flowing water to produce electricity?
Moderate to high net energy High efficiency Large untapped potential Lost-cost electricity Long life span No CO2 emissions May provide flood control for a dam Provides water for year-round irrigation of cropland Reservoir is useful for fishing and recreation Disadvantages: High construction costs High environmental impact from flooding land to form a reservoir Floods natural areas behind dam Converts land habitat to lake habitat Danger of collapse Uproots humans Decreases fish harvest below dam

15 What are the advantages/disadvantages of burning plant material (biomass) to heat buildings and water, produce electricity, and propel vehicles? Advantages: Large supply in some areas Moderate costs No net CO2 increase if harvested and burned sustainably Plantation can be located on semiarid land Can make use of agricultural, timber, and urban wastes Disadvantages: Nonrenewable if harvested unsustainably Moderate to high environmental impact CO2 emissions if harvested and burned unsustainably Plantation could compete with cropland Often burned inefficient and polluting open fires and stoves

16 What are the advantages/disadvantages of
What are the advantages/disadvantages of extracting heat from the earths interior and using it to heat buildings? Advantages: Very high efficiency Moderate net energy at accessible sites Lower CO2 emissions than fossil fuel Low cost at favorable sites Low land use Low land disturbance Moderate environmental impact Disadvantages: Scarcity of suitable sites Depleted if used too rapidly CO2 emissions Moderate to high local air pollution Noise and odor Cost too high except at the most concentrated and accessible sources

17 Objectives How can we make a transition to a more sustainable energy future? Energy policies must be developed now in order to phase new energy alternatives. Pressure from citizens and consumers, the government and private companies need to promote and activate new ways of using our energy resources

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