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Security in Wireless Networks Juan Camilo Quintero D. 1041718.

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1 Security in Wireless Networks Juan Camilo Quintero D. 1041718

2 Wireless Network Is a network that allows its users to connect to a local network or Internet without being physically connected. The data are transmitted through the air. Types: Wireless PAN, LAN, MAN.

3 Common Problems Piggybacking Phishing Steal information Attacks from intruders (WEP, Wardriving, Warchalking, signal reduction).

4 WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy. Use 40 bits keys or 104 bits keys. Was created in 1999. Use the same key periodically to encrypt the data.

5 TKIP Temporal Key Integrity Protocol. Changes the keys dynamically when the system is use.

6 WPA Wi-Fi Protected Access The WPA was created by “Wi-Fi Alliance” The information is encrypt by RC4 algorithm with a 128 bits key.

7 WPA2 WPA is consider a “migration” version, but, WPA2 is the certificate version of IEEE. Was created in 2004. Use the encrypt algorithm AES (Advance Encryption Standard).

8 IPSec IP Security. Set of protocols for security in IP communications by authenticating and / or encrypting each IP packet. The IPSec protocols are located in layer 3 of OSI model. Was developed for use with new IPv6 standard, but later was adapted to IPv4.

9 RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial-In User Server Is a protocol AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Administration). First, require an username and password, the access data are passed to a NAS device, then to a RADIUS server where it checks that the information is correct. If accepted, the server will grant access to the ISP system and select an IP address.

10 Advices Change the password. Use WEP/WPA encryption. Change SSID. Disable SSID broadcasting. Enable MAC address filter. Establish maximum number of devices that can connect. Disable DHCP. Disconnect point access when it is not in use.

11 Webgraphy mbricas/book1.html mbricas/book1.html dad/wireles.html dad/wireles.html municaciones/Seguridad_en_redes_inalambri cas_WiFi.shtml municaciones/Seguridad_en_redes_inalambri cas_WiFi.shtml os/SeguridadWireless.pdf os/SeguridadWireless.pdf n%20redes%20inalambricas.php n%20redes%20inalambricas.php

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