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ATC Conference Call January 10, 2008 Thank you for joining the call. We will start the call shortly. Please enter * 6 to mute your line and # 6 to unmute.

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1 ATC Conference Call January 10, 2008 Thank you for joining the call. We will start the call shortly. Please enter * 6 to mute your line and # 6 to unmute.

2 Agenda 2008 ATC Renewal Process ATC Program Guide Changes Program and Project Update Sage Curriculum Update by Product ViewCentral/Sage Software University Refresher

3 2008 ATC Renewal Process Agreement expires on January 31, 2008 Sage MAS 90, BusinessWorks, PFW and SalesLogix ATCs will receive an email to confirm renew –List ATC Authorized Products –New Pricing (based upon new pricing structure) –ATC Program Guide No new contract needed Respond via email with your agreement to renew Invoice will be processed on February 1,2008 Sage Abra Team to send a separate communication to renew ATC agreement –Separate Program Guide for Sage Abra product –Look for a communication this month

4 2008 ATC Renewal Process What’s changed in the program? –Pricing Structure (as outlined at the ATC Conference) –Authorized Training Centers who are authorized for two products will receive a 15% discount on each product. –Authorized Training Centers authorized for three or more products will receive a 35% discount divided equally among all products. –Now accepting Applications for SageCRM ATCs.

5 ATC Program Guide Changes Marketing Services –Moving to a freedom of choice/blended learning options –ATCs classes on Sage Software University –Continue to drive customers to SSU –Inclusion in blended learning focus marketing pieces Requires ATC to verify registration in ViewCentral prior to student attendance All ATC administrators and program managers encouraged to review the program guidelines and requirements ATC Program Guide and ATC Application now one document

6 ATC Program Update ATCs to begin using ATC Reseller of Record form (vs. standard ROR form) 2/1/08 Customer question added: Did you or a member of your company attend this reseller’s Authorized Training Center within the last two years? ATC question added –Yes, our records indicate that this customer did attend our ATC within the last two years. – No, our records indicate that this customer did not attend our ATC within the last two year If either question is answered yes, then ROR will not be processed until approval is made by Sage Non-classroom training service can be offered or engaged until written approval is made Document available via ATC Web site Continue to submit ATC Lead Referral Form for one-time service approval SalesLogix implementation of ATC ROR to follow

7 Changes to Your ATC –When changes are made to: Class cancellation policy Training room and/or facility location* Trainer and/or student’s computer hardware* Classroom projection system* Size of the classroom or number of students per classroom Training URL address *Submit ATC application with noted changes to Sage Software. Allow eight weeks for processing. –Location or classroom Changes Submit with digital photos

8 Planned Training Promotions Schedule of Planned Training Promotions emailed 12/28 –Sage MAS 90 and 200 –Sage BusinessWorks –Sage PFW Considering for Sage SalesLogix (modified version based upon limited number of courses) Goal: Schedule courses to leverage Sage’s marketing campaigns Marketing campaigns sent to all Active Customers (with exception of target marketing pieces) –All customers on plan or on plan within the last two years All ATC contacts updated and lists “seeded” with your names

9 ATC Projects/Update Sent to customer (first of the month) – ATC course on SSU Available ATC course dates Featured on marketing campaign Customer must register in March Pilot as suggested at ATC conference

10 ATC Program Update Status of ATC Incentive Program for Sage training offerings –Evaluating the scope of the program –Decision to be announced by the end of the month Status of Changing “Center” to “Campus” –Internally agreed to move forward –Decide “go live” date by the end of the month –Timeline for ATC “go live” date by end of the month –ATCs to consider project plan to include materials/web site changes, etc. Authorized Training Center Authorized Training Campus

11 ATC Program Update Sage MAS 90 and 200 Support Plan –Training Offering Sage MAS 500 Support Plan – Training Offering Sage BusinessWorks Support Plan Note: Training Offerings not currently bundled with Sage SalesLogix or SagePFW Support Plans

12 ATC Program Update Now accepting ATC Applications for SageCRM Annual fee: $1,500 Submit application by February 15 th for consideration in first round of approvals Trainer Certification dates to be announced this month Certified Trainer Applications available on line through Sage Software University by the end of the month ATC Program follows same guidelines as Sage MAS and SalesLogix ATC programs Curriculum for SageCRM End User and Admin courses Working on SageCRM 6.1 curriculum now

13 ATC Program Update Request to print your own curriculum –Clarify what’s driving this request –How do you see that helping your business? –Open Discussion List of suggested projects/action items from conference available via ATC Web site

14 Sage BusinessWorks All curriculum has been updated for version 8 –Trainer kits shipping this week –Student material switched over in production and ready 1/25/08 –Old material available until 1/24/08 –Case study and classroom setup now accessible through SSU site – same as MAS 90

15 Sage MAS 500 Currently updating curriculum for 7.2 due late Q1/early Q2 calendar year –Minimal application changes –Focusing on Core and Distribution –Breaking out course days to work independently –Primary changes will be on activities and labs Developing 7.2 partner re-certification training for March delivery –Realtime courses –Focus on added features – Data Import Manager, Dashboard, and office integration

16 Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 Will be evaluating potential changes to current certified curriculum for 4.3 release due Q2 calendar

17 Sage PFW Sage PFW Trainer Curriculum available 01/11/08 –Software version 5.6 –Curriculum version 7.0 Sage PFW Student Curriculum shipping 02/01/08

18 ViewCentral/Sage Software University Refresher ViewCentral Walk through –Demonstrate shortcuts and hotkeys James Adamthwaite, Sage SalesLogix Training Coordinator –Setting up your classes –Customer Registration through Sage Software University –Attendee Lists –Marking Attendance Reports

19 Your Questions?

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