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2007: To what extent does wealth inequality continue to exist in the UK? DUE Monday 30/06/14.

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1 2007: To what extent does wealth inequality continue to exist in the UK? DUE Monday 30/06/14

2 List O’mania! List your weaknesses when it comes to essay writing…

3 * Answer essays in a structured and balanced manner. Do not attempt to ‘turn the question’. * We are going to use the Point, Explain, Example, Balance (PEEB) structure whereby you make, explain and exemplify a number of relevant points (satisfying the first bullet point in the box), before going on to provide evaluative/analytical comment (the second bullet point in the box). * Do not rewrite the question in the exam as this wastes time. * The use of accurate, relevant and up-to-date examples gets top credit. * It is not best practice for you to write long (often historical) introductions to answers. Equally, conclusions that simply repeat what has been said earlier in a response attract little credit. * Your introduction should address the question directly as should your conclusion.

4 * Essay writing is simply the integration of KU and analysis. * Relevant exemplification required. (from your notes) * Best, up to date information needed to support points made in your essay. (not something from 20 years ago) * Use appropriate terminology/vocabulary (political terms) * Balanced and informed argument required. (PEEB) * Essay should have a coherent and logical structure. (Paragraphs)

5 * Gender and race go together. * Provide a limited number of relevant examples. * Time restriction in the exams. 22 minutes per essay. No time to waffle. Points need to be clear, concise and supported by examples where possible. * Evidence of analysis when terms such as: * “However….”, * “Never the less…..”, * “Another view…..”, etc. * Thus showing that you have looked at the issue form a variety of viewpoints and have provided balance in your essay.

6 * To what extent can having a big garden help sell a house? * Assess the importance of iPod compatibility in buying MP3 speakers. * Critically examine the effects of music downloads on the music industry. * Mobile phones are offensive weapons. Discuss. * Examine the effectiveness of (a school policy of your choice)


8 “Pass” and better answers should feature developed, exemplified knowledge and understanding of: * Wealth inequalities in the UK * Government policies to reduce these inequalities and/or reasons for these inequalities and * Balanced comment on/analysis of the extent to which inequalities continue to exist in the UK. *

9 * Introduction – refer to the essence of the question and state briefly how you are going to respond. * The middle section – should be providing evidence and substance for your argument or stance. Include reference to what you have learnt; facts or figures, technical terms to show the maturity of your literacy skills. * Conclusion – It is essential – especially if you are asked, ‘to what extent...’, you need to use text from the question in your response. You do not necessarily need to come down on one side of the fence or the other, you can say, ‘to a lesser extent...’, ‘to a larger extent...’, ‘On the one hand...’, etc. But you do need to round off your essay by referring back to the question and giving weight to your original question. * Do not say : *I think *I disagree *I feel *I agree *I will now go on to say MAKE SURE YOUR ESSAY IS BALANCED YOU MUST ALWAYS GIVE TWO POINTS OF VIEW.

10 Inequality in the UK exists to a significant extent. Inequality in wealth is caused by a number of factors such as; the North/South divide, employment laws and taxation policy. Researchers at Cambridge University have found the wealth gap between the South East and the rest of Britain is greater now than at any other time since the Second World War. There is a significant wealth gap, and more people have become poor in the last 15 years, though fewer have become very poor.

11 * Should contain 4 key arguments minimum * Should be balanced, must show two sides of the argument THOUGHT PROCESS Basis for the 4 paragraphs: RICH AND POOR GINI COEFFICIENT NORTH/SOUTH GAP WEALTH UNEMPLOYMENT RATES Income of top 1% in comparison to low incomes. Unequal in comparison to Europe and USA Scottish Government spending per head South of England compared to the North New Deal Scheme

12 There is a significant wealth gap in the UK between the rich and the poor in the UK. The Hill Report demonstrated that the richest 10% are more than 100 times as wealthy as the poorest 10% of society. Even more significant is the fact that individuals in the richest 1% each possess wealth of £2.6million or more. Despite this wealth the Poverty and Social Exclusion Survey shows that 1/3 of British children go without 3 meals a day, yet is has been estimated that only £239 per week would lift everyone out of poverty. Nevertheless, government policies attempt to close this gap. For example, the government offers Child Tax Credits. If you are on a low income and working, you can apply for tax back through the tax credits system.

13 Inequality does continue to exist in the UK, despite government attempts to improve the wealth gap. Attempts such as the introduction of the minimum wage. Wealth is concentrated in the top 1% of the population, in spite of government policies. Although the introduction of Minimum wage has not reduced inequality it has meant the population are less poor, after all 1.1 million children have been lifted out of poverty since 1998.

14 * You must include balance! * The government may not have reduced inequality, it is at a 40 year high – however, they have reduced child poverty, this is the first stop on the road to reducing inequality in the future. * If your essay is too short (less than 2 and a half sides). It is lacking in explanation of points or evidence, or both. * NB: Existence of poverty does not mean existence of inequality.

15 StrategiesAimImpact Minimum wageReduce poverty and the wealth gap Helped vulnerable groups particularly women and ethnic minorities out of the poverty trap. Scottish Government public spending. £1,624 more per head of population than UK gov’t Reduce North /South divide in terms of the wealth gap Some progress, but N/S divide still in evidence. E.g. Average income: London - £87,00 Glasgow - £23,000 Child Tax Credit and. Sure Start programme Reduce Child Poverty and prevent the poverty cycle JRF Child poverty reduced dramatically between 1998- 2012 when 1.1 million children were lifted out of poverty. Back to work scheme and focus on improving skills To reduce poverty and the wealth gap by increasing employment. Improving skills of workers esp. seeks to reduce inequality in pay. Unemployment reduced everywhere in UK except the NE. JRF estimated that if successful the improving skills in the workplace programme could lift 1.5 m out of poverty

16 * Have a think about what you have heard today and make a to-do list * Think about your weaknesses and the necessary requirements for an excellent essay * AND make a list of what you need to do this year to ensure success!

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