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Survey Says What are the top 5 things that teachers say about substitutes?

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2 Survey Says What are the top 5 things that teachers say about substitutes?

3 What Teachers Say About Subs 1. They don’t make students do their work. 2. They don’ t make the students behave appropriately. 3. They can’t follow lesson plans. 4. Go through desk and belongings 5. Don’t monitor students ( on cell phone )

4 What do Subs say about Teachers 1. Don’t leave lesson plans 2. Students act up when the teacher is not there 3. Don’t leave roll or attendance sheets 4. Assign busy work, and the students know it 5. Lesson aren’t real clear or can’t find materials

5 Comparison Teacher Sub 1. Don’t make students do their work 2. Don’t make students behave 3. Can’t follow lesson plans 1. Don’t leave lesson plans 2. Students act up when the teacher is not there. 3. Lessons aren’t real clear or can’t find materials

6 Increasing Knowledge in Your Absence When comparing these two differences we can see some cause and effects. How do we avoid the confusion? How do we make sure our students are learning while we are away?

7 Success Starts in Your Classroom A. Train your students Prepare your students for your absence and their “Guest”. Let them know ahead of time Address these things with them. Rules Don’t Change Lessons are the student’s responsibility to follow and finish. Follow lesson plans all the way through. Remind them and give them a quick summary of what is expected each day before your absence.

8 Prepare the Guest for Your Students Create a bright colored folder for your sub. First two pages should be your rules and procedures. Be clear on your intentions. (Ex. Students are to enter the class, sit down, read the board and get started with their lesson) (Ex. Take roll after students have started the lessons. Take role using the seating chart, do NOT call out names)

9 Identify the student leaders of your class that the guest can rely on. Draw a pair of eyes next to the students who require more attention or monitoring. Students should be on task and working, please prevent disruptions during class.

10 Here are a few simple rules I want you to reinforce if a student is not behaving. Students are to work the entire class time. If they finish early they can complete work from another class. Stay in your seats. Take care of the classroom, leave it clean and neat Be respectful to each other at all times.

11 Next door is someone who will help you with anything that you need. Leave a seating chart and role sheet Leave a contact number in case fellow teachers and student leaders can’t help.

12 Guest Folder Leave the name and room number of two teachers that can help. Leave your contact information. Encourage comments from your guest. Need to know who was absent, tardy, and good and bad comments.

13 Seating Chart and Roll Sheet Put behind the first page of folder. Explain when to take roll. Don’t call out students names. Leads to disruption and misbehaving IF they are not in their correct seat, then they are absent. Keeps them from sitting by who they want to

14 Roll/Attendance Sheet Look at hand out.

15 Seating Chart Correct arrangement of your room. Identify major areas such as doors or window for reference point. Indentify student leaders. Indentify students that need to be monitored closely.

16 Hand Pick Your Guest Looking for strong guests that will follow your instructions and remind students of your expectations. Book them early. The good ones will be taken quickly. Even though you hand picked your sub, prepare your students for anyone. Remind them that they are in charge of getting their lessons done and maintaining their classroom and guest.

17 Good Lesson Plans Tie it All Together Student’s work needs to be worth doing, no busy work. Teach students the lesson plan and what is expected of them.

18 Pick a Lesson that is Meaningful and Lasts All Period Review guide that prepares the students for a test. If PowerPoint print handouts and make a worksheet to go along with it. Learning stations that students rotate around in order to review or lean new material. This requires a little more ground work and pre training.

19 Movie that relates to the topic that students are studying and has an outline that students follow and fill out as they watch. Work on a project that has already been started. Remind students not to be off task. Exam followed by another assignment that leads to the next unit or activity.

20 Write Step by Step Lesson Plans Make lesson plans easy to understand and follow. If you know your sub ahead of time talk to them and be sure everything is clear. Meet with them so they know the location of materials and supplies.

21 Upon Return Read the guests comments that were written. Look at the papers and exams. Praise the students if they did well. Explain to them what will happen if there is a problem. Have written examples of consequences that the students know ahead of time.

22 Student Travel

23 Trip Preparation Make a Checklist. Dates turned in to school administration Documentation for allotted money and check request Reserve a bus or other transportation Reserve rooms District permission slips for students Contract of conduct Begin lining up extra sponsor or chaperones if needed Create travel agenda Trip meeting with students and parents

24 Trip Meeting Topics Covered Expectations of behavior and dress code Money (estimate how much they will need) Luggage (designate the number of bags taken and check all bags before the trip begins) Agenda (when students will leave and be picked up) Contact information/Hotel information Explain the consequences of infractions

25 Trip Preparation Cont. Checklist Double check hotel reservations a week a head of time Double check on transportation

26 Day Before the Trip Have a folder that contains Student’s Contract of Conduct Student’s Parents Permission Slip District Travel Money Hotel Reservations Travel Information Copies of the Agenda for the Students

27 Day of the Trip Perform Tasks Designate an area for student’s to bring luggage Check Luggage Restaurant Behavior Talk to students about how to behave in a restaurant

28 Room Check and Lights Out Give student’s a certain time to be in their room Make sure they don’t leave their rooms.

29 Suggestions for Broken Rules Tardy If students are late you can give them chores (cleaning the bus) Missing a Competition Have the student to repay a portion of the expense to the district Major Infraction You don’t want to have to deal with these so prevent, prevent, prevent.

30 Resource Information: Starla Ewen “Successful Subs and Student Trips”

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