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1 Thank you for your cooperation. We will begin shortly.

2 © 2011 PCAV

3 1. Welcome and Introduction 2. Warm-up Exercise and Pre-test 3. Part1: Benefits, Risks, and Concerns 4. Part 2: Becoming Tech-Savvy 5. Part 3: Prevention, Intervention, and Responding 6. Part 4: A Few Tech-Safety Tips 7. Closing Remarks, Evaluation and Post-Test

4 Technology safety program: Children and teens (4-8 grade) Parents/guardians Educators Trainers Encourages safe online behavior Addresses benefits and risks of technology use Provides adult participants with resources and concrete tools Presentation covers topics in manner that is age appropriate for group in attendance Funded by grants Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) Comcast Foundation

5 Benefits, Risks and Concerns of Technology

6 Communication Learning Being informed Networking Entertainment Employment IT Skills

7 Cyberbullying Sexting Meeting online predators/talking to strangers Unsafe communities Sharing personal info Inappropriately sharing pictures and video Finding/searching inappropriate material Scams Violent Online Gaming

8 Becoming Tech- Savvy

9 Type of Instant Message Program Users availability status Users contacts (often called a Buddy List or Friends List) Chat/dialogue screen

10 Type of Instant Message Program Room Subject Message bar Chat screen Contacts/ others available for chat Users availability status

11 Anatomy of a Facebook Profile User name & status Personal information Photos & video of the user Comments by user and user friends Friends list, Friends photos, # of friends *Most other social networking sites user profiles include the same types of information User photo

12 Anatomy of a Twitter Profile User photo Name & Personal information Comments by user and user friends Followers Status bar

13 Prevention, Intervention, and Responding

14 *This is the MOST IMPORTANT part Listen Open dialogue Keep your cool Educate them on safe-internet and technology practices based on resources provided or on your own personal research Explain to them that something you put on the internet or send through technology can never be erased Discuss media messages and technology Encourage them to confide in you Have conversations frequently

15 Monitor your childs activities Ask your kids to show you where they go online Have discussions with them about what they do online Ask about who they are talking to online Watch how long they spend online Let them know you would like to see their user profile(s) Set ground rules for technology and internet Know what access your child has to technology and internet Google them to see what information is online about them

16 Learn everything you can about technology and the internet Look for community classes on computers and software Attend presentations or webinars on tech safety (like this one!) Enlist your child as your teacher Great for conversation starting and dialogue Also lets you see what they already know Research technology safety

17 Check your browsers history and cookie files Help create safe passwords and collect them Ask about unfamiliar email addresses Invest in monitoring and/or filtering software Use safe web browsers/kid-friendly search engines for kids *Remember, software programs are not substitutes for adult supervision Visit and for reviews of parental controls and for a list of internet service providers with parental control features, safe web searches and kid-friendly search engines

18 Keep technology in a common room With cell phones, laptops and gaming devices: have children shut down the device and store them outside of their bedrooms in a common room before bed or at other times youve indicated in your technology-use rules Be aware of wireless networks in and around the home

19 Limit access time and establish curfew Create a safe space/common room Identify what programs or websites can be used and visited Define what they can use technology for (i.e. homework) Require permission and discussion of particular tech/internet use (i.e. social networking sites or friending) Agree to talk to children about concerns before automatically saying no Set up consequences for not following the set rules *Before creating rules, communicate with your children about what types of activities they like to do online, where they go, who they talk to, etc. *Make rules and agreements age-appropriate See Family Internet Agreement in folder for examples of internet rules you can set with your child/dren.

20 A Few Specific Tech- Safety Tips

21 Go to to watch a kid-friendly video, Password Rap, that details how to make safe passwords. Different passwords for different accounts Difficult for others to guess At least 8 characters with a mix of capitals, lower case, numbers, and special characters Give only to parents / guardians

22 See Family Cell Phone Use Contract in folder for example of cell phone rules you can set with your child/dren. Only give their number to people they trust Respond to calls and texts only if they know the number Inform your child that any pictures / videos taken with their cell phone are saved (even if they have deleted them) Educate them about sexting Teach them how to block numbers from their cell Create a Family Cell Phone Use Contract

23 What to do if your child is being cyber-bullied What to do if you suspect your child is cyber-bullying Be approachable and supportive Collect evidence Contact the school Contact the parents of the offender Contact the service provider Teach them to not retaliate Teach them empathy Explain the hurtful nature of cyber-bullying Apply reasonable consequences Set firm limits and follow through Closely monitor computer, cell phone and gaming usage

24 If your child is at risk of: Threats of violence Extortion Obscene or sexually explicit phone calls or text messages Stalking or hate crimes Child pornography

25 Evaluation & Post Test


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