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Closing PYE12 Opening PYE13 Monieca West, Brinda Berry Federal Programs Managers Arkansas Department of Higher Education May 3, 2012.

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1 Closing PYE12 Opening PYE13 Monieca West, Brinda Berry Federal Programs Managers Arkansas Department of Higher Education May 3, 2012

2 Closing PYE12 DateAction April 15Spring Term special populations survey -Only if not collected automatically; coordinator to verify -Must be reported in Perkins Annual File due August 15, 2012 -Contact whoever is responsible for AHEIS input on campus April 30PYE12 Improvement Plan -Portal: Accountability Section/Improvement Plan Tab -Must be approved prior to submission of PYE13 Annual Plan -Be brief with activities you commit to and be sure you can tell what was accomplished when report is due December 2012 May 31Amendment Deadline -Final opportunity to true-up budget and protect against 10% rule -Coordinate with business office if needed June 30Deadline to Obligate Funds -Expenses incurred after June 30 cannot be reimbursed -Can request reimbursements up to August 5 but not obligate after June 30

3 Closing PYE12 DateAction August 5Final Reimbursement Request -Expenses related to PYE12 grant -May 31 amendment deadline is crucial for true-up of budget -This is earlier than usual 10 th of the month deadline for requests -May have both PYE12 and PYE13 requests in August -Caution: Double check the Academic Year selection in Portal August 10ADHE Reconciles PYE12 Budget -Compares Approved to Actual to verify that reimbursements do not exceed by 10% of approved amount

4 PYE12 EOY Financial Reconciliation

5 Closing PYE12 DateAction August 10End of Year Program Report -Portal: Applications Section, End of Year Report Tab -Required Use of Funds -TSA Progress -Activity Success

6 PYE12 EOY Program Report




10 Closing PYE12 DateAction August 15Perkins Annual File -AHEIS report -New with first report due August 15, 2012 -Includes Special Populations report previously reported in Term Files -Includes 1P1a-Technical Skills Assessment data for accountability report -IMPERATIVE that this information be reported -School has from June 30, 2012 to August 15, 2012 to assemble for reporting -AHEIS Manual (page 143)


12 Opening PYE13 DateAction May 1Funding Announced -Official award notification will be sent to president/chancellor with coordinator copied -Will include PYE13 negotiated local targets May 25PYE13 Performance Targets Finalized -Based on 3-year average -Negotiable within context of State targets -Will be posted in Portal by end of week (Accountability Section/Results Tab) -Considered accepted if no counter received by May 25


14 Opening PYE13 DateAction May 31PYE13 Annual Plan Due in Portal -Must include activities that substantially address Improvement Plan indicators July 1Funds Available for Obligation -IF annual plan is in “substantially approvable form” -Cannot be reimbursed for more than 25% of total grant in first 3 months August 10Request for Reimbursements -For PYE13 -May overlap with final request from PYE12 which is due August 5

15 Annual Plan Preparation What drives the decision making process on how to use Perkins funds? How do you know what the CTE needs are on campus and how are those needs determined? How are those needs discussed in relationship to Perkins core indicators? What activities will change classroom outcomes? How extensively involved are the directors of academic programs, student services and IR?

16 Use of Funds: Administrative How will you use administrative funds (5% maximum)? Amount of the 5% set aside for admin None/All/Portion Use of admin funds Limited to activities related to administering the grant Indirect Cost Rate negotiated with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (letter required) Can use admin $ for program improvement but cannot use program improvement $ for admin Coordinator who is paid through a Perkins activity Portion for administering the grant must come from admin 5% or from institution; cannot be fully funded by activity and serve as coordinator

17 Use of Funds: Program Improvement Strengthen academic components of CTE (math, literacy)Programs of study (for college credit and reduce remedial) CTE assessments (expansion/improvement ) Work-based and service learning opportunitiesRelevant use of technologyCTE program evaluation (including needs of special pops) Professional development (adjunct/full time instructors and support staff; program improvement vs. travel budget) Student support (advising/tutoring/supplemental instruction) Special populations and subgroups, including nontraditional Will it improve CTE student performance in Perkins areas?

18 Use of Funds: Program Improvement 1. Core indicator improvement plan2. Core indicators below overall target3. Sub-populations performing lower than general population4. Student completion (statewide retention/completion goals)5. Programs of greatest size and scope6. General improvement of CTE programsACTIVITIES THAT IMPROVE STUDENT OUTCOMES

19 PARTICIPANTS (3 hours in current academic year) CONCENTRATORS (6-12-24 hours during current and/or 3 previous years) CURRENT YEAR CONCENTRATORS 1P1 - GPA 1P1a – Technical Skill Assessments (may have already exited) 5P1 – Nontraditional Participation (participants, not concentrators) 5P2 – Nontraditional Credential Attainment PREVIOUS YEAR EXITED CONCENTRATORS 2P1 – Credential Attainment 3P1 – Retention/Transfer 4P1 – Student Placement (employment/military/apprenticeship) FUNDED Pell/BIA Race/Gender Special Populations Perkins Accountability Elements


21 Questions?

22 Thank You! Brinda BerryMonieca West

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