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Grantwriting. Types of Grants Foundation Grants HancockREADS Grants Hancock Education Fund Grants.

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1 Grantwriting

2 Types of Grants Foundation Grants HancockREADS Grants Hancock Education Fund Grants

3 Proposal Summary

4 Your Agency’s Background (Introduction) Mission Founding date Major programs Links with similar organizations Number and capacity of staff

5 The Project You Propose (The Problem Statement) The specific community need or policy issue you will address The changes that will occur in the community and with the target group as a result of the program Why your plan is cost-effective Why your organization wants to do the work Continued →

6 The Project You Propose – Cont. Expected immediate and long-term results/goals/ objectives/outcomes Other providers of this service in the area Distinctive features of your project Expected contribution to knowledge in the field Relationship to your agency’s overall program Professional support or other evidence on the project’s value

7 Project Implementation Plan (Methods) Your timeline: steps to be taken, by whom and when How many people, and who, will be served Names of cooperating organizations and assigned responsibilities Project staff and/or consultants Any advisory groups

8 Project Evaluation Your criteria for effectiveness Methods and schedule for measuring results/ objectives/outcomes Methods and schedule for short and long-term evaluation of results/objectives/outcomes Who will assess the results/objectives/outcomes What changes will occur in the community or to the targeted population as a result of the program Submit progress reports at six month and year end intervals

9 Project Continuation If the project is ongoing, your plans to continue after the funding period Future funding sources Other current funding sources

10 Financial Information Download forms at our website



13 Proposal Summary

14 What to include in your application: Cover letter signed by your director and board chairperson Your full proposal, with the pages numbered Copy of your organization’s tax-exempt letter from the IRS Your current annual report or a brief statement of your agency’s most recent activities List of current board members including their business and volunteer affiliations Continued →

15 What to include in your application—Cont. Your current audit or financial statement of your operating budget or a copy of the organization’s latest 990 information.. Your agency’s affirmative action policy or statement of non- discrimination Job descriptions and resumes of your project personnel and resumes of any consultants Names of project collaborators, if applicable Letters in support of your project or letters from other funding sources who may have expressed interest in supporting the project

16 When a Grant is Awarded You will receive notification within three weeks of the board meeting. Terms of Grant Agreement Progress Reports due at 6 month and year-end intervals Discuss and request approval for any changes in your project activities.

17 Deadlines APPLICATION BOARD DEADLINE DECISION December February March May June September September November

18 Other Grantmaking Opportunities at TCF

19 HancockREADS Grants Hancock Education Fund Grants Other Grantmaking Opportunities at TCF:

20 HancockREADS Grants

21 HancockREADS Literacy Framework

22 Six Key Elements of the Conceptual Literacy Framework 1.Build Collaborative Leadership 2.Effective Core Programs 3.Intervention 4.Assessment and Accountability 5.Home/School/Com- munity Partnerships 6.Use of Resources

23 HancockREADS grants invite proposals that….. Suggest practical approaches to community literacy problems. Promote cooperation among agencies without duplicating services. Generate community support both professional and volunteer. Demonstrate an organizations ability to secure realistic funding. Strengthen an agency’s effectiveness or stability. Address prevention as well as remediation.

24 Ordinarily support is unavailable for… Ongoing operating expenses. Annual appeals or membership initiatives. Fundraising projects or advertisements. Religious organizations for religious purposes. Travel for individuals or groups when it is the proposal’s primary focus. Endowment building.

25 Complete Grant Requests Must Include: Grant Proposal Cover Sheets Application Project Budget Form Project Budget Narrative

26 HancockREADS Proposal Deadlines: APPLICATION ADVISORY BOARD DEADLINE COMMITTEEDECISION AprilMayJune October October November

27 Hancock Education Fund Grants

28 TEACHER GRANT- Up to $800 –Single classroom SCHOOL GRANT - Up to $1,200 –Multiple classrooms in one building COLLABORATIVE GRANT- Up to $2,000 –Multiple buildings in one or many districts Hancock Education Fund

29 1.Projects must have educational content that encourage global literacy and sensitivity to foreign cultures. 2.Projects must emphasize creative student thinking and teaching innovative skills. 3.Projects must emphasize developing good people skills, communication skills and working in student teams. 4.Projects with potential impact beyond the initial grant period will be given priority. 5.Interdisciplinary projects will be favored. 6.Parent involvement will strengthen a proposal. 7.Grants may not be used for tuition or to pay public school personnel. 8.Grant funds must supplement, not replace, state or local school funds. 9.Grants may not be used to purchase technology equipment.. 10.Projects will not be refunded in subsequent years except in rare circumstances; however, the educator may initiate another project. 11.Grant application must be typed. Grant Guidelines

30 APPLICATION ADVISORY BOARD DEADLINE COMMITTEEDECISION March AprilMay October October November Hancock Education Fund Grants Proposal Deadlines:

31 Website: Address: 101 West Sandusky Street Suite 207 Findlay, Ohio 45840 Phone: 419.425.1100

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