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CRC: The protection of Child Victims Judge Renate Winter.

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1 CRC: The protection of Child Victims Judge Renate Winter

2 Assistance to Child Victims A child asks for help, showing signs: - Nightmares, bulimia, change of attitudes, marks of burns and bruise. Detect facts without direct questioning. Assist the child and the family. Assist the child against the family. Inform competent authorities. Collaborate with other professionals.

3 Children in Difficult Circumstances Right of child having suffered from cruel treatment and exploitation. - Reintegration - Non-discrimination - Protection Obligation of government to abolish practices harmful to children.

4 Protection Against Mistreatment and Negligence (Violence, Exploitation) Identification (information sharing). Presumption of age. Orientation towards social services. Investigation. Treatment. Implication of justice system.

5 Protection of Children without Family Separate children from their environment only in their best interests. - Placement in wider family. - Placement in foster family. - Placement in guest family. - Placement in institution.

6 Children with Disabilities Secure free special health services. Prevent exploitation (begging). Exchange information (among professionals). Disseminate re-education, education and vocational training methods.

7 Working Children Protection from work harmful to health, spiritual and social development. Foster acceptance of minimum age for admission to work. Provide appropriate punishment for employment of children.

8 Drugs Prevent use of children in production and traffic of drugs. Protect drug addicted children. Provide treatment not punishment.

9 Sexual Exploitation Prevent incentives for children to engage in illegal sexual activities. Prevent exploitation of children for prostitution, paedophilia and pornography. WITHIN OR OUTSIDE THE FAMILY Assure immediate collaboration between medical doctor and Judge.

10 Selling, Trafficking and Kidnapping Install identification mechanisms. Appoint a guardian. Prepare for child-sensitive questioning. Organize transfer to shelter. Refer to appropriate services. Provide care and protection. Regularize status. Identify and implement durable solution.

11 Selling, Trafficking and Kidnapping (2) Instigate criminal and civil proceedings. Provide information and security (special protection). Provide recovery time. Provide assistance even without testimony. Prevent contact between child and offender. Provide legal representation. Install video taping of testimony.

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