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Databases vs the Internet Coconino Community College Revised August 2010.

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1 Databases vs the Internet Coconino Community College Revised August 2010

2 QUESTION: What is the main difference between using library databases and search engines? ANSWER: Databases are NOT the Internet. We access databases with Internet browsers, but we are not searching the Internet.

3 The Internet Is a collection of computer networks that share various types of information worldwide The World Wide Web (www) is a small part of the Internet that is made up of ‘sites’ (or documents) that allow us to share Internet information We access Internet information through URL addresses and/or search engines

4 Databases A database is an organized collection of information Database contents can be easily accessed, updated and managed Databases can be found in different formats Databases can be accessed via the Internet using browsers Library databases include thousands of magazine articles, newspapers, and scholarly journals

5 QUESTION: Can’t I find the information contained in databases if I use Internet search engines? ANSWER: No. Copyright protects authors and publishers from other people copying their work without permission. If published material could be accessed for free on the Internet than authors and publishers couldn’t make money. Libraries pay to have access to this information through databases.

6 QUESTION: So which is best, the Internet or databases? ANSWER: It depends on the information you want. Consider that anyone can publish anything on the Internet so you must be willing to sort through and evaluate an Internet site’s content. Databases are more credible because publishers have checked the contents for accuracy and reliability.

7 Let’s Compare Library Databases Contain library catalogs, peer-reviewed scholarly journals, magazine and newspaper articles, online books, reference books and images. The Internet Contains personal and company web pages, e- mail, chat rooms, ads, current news and information, and some magazine or newspaper articles.

8 Let’s Compare Library Databases are reviewed by publishers and experts. The Internet is not reviewed, and anyone can put their ideas or opinions on the Internet.

9 Let’s Compare Library Databases cost money to the college and for this reason you are required to use a username and password to access them. The Internet is mostly free - search engines are free; most sites that you retrieve are also free.

10 QUESTION: So when it is important to use library databases instead of the Internet? ANSWER: If you are a student doing research and you are looking for reliable sources of information related to academic subjects. (most college instructors require database research) If you need reliable information from newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, or biographical or statistical information.

11 QUESTION: And when should I use the Internet? ANSWER: You can use the Internet as a starting point for research, or just for fun -- but you should be willing to spend time sorting through the material to determine its reliability. Go to the Library’s “Handouts & Workshops” page to find our “Critical Thinking and Evaluating Resources” handout for more tips. Be sure to supplement your Internet research with database research.

12 Helpful Links NAU Cline Library – Evaluating SourcesEvaluating Sources Auburn University Library’s “What’s the difference between using a Database and the Internet?”“What’s the difference between using a Database and the Internet?”

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