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Healthy diet.

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1 Healthy diet

2 Healthy diet doesn’t mean eating especially chosen food, or avoiding eating other substances.
This way isn’t right, because we can deprive our body of important nutrients. Eaten food is full of protein, sugar, fats, vitamins etc. which are indispensable for us. When we don’t get sufficient number of nutrients for our body, it can stop working in the right way. We should limit eating some substances (like red meat), but not eating it at all is not a good idea.

3 : Principles of healthy diet
We should eat more food which is pre-processed just a bit. Every day we should drink 2 litres of liquids, because water is indispensable for digestion and metabolism. Regular drinking of water can eliminate our hunger. We should limit the amount of eating sweets, salts, and products that are highly processed.

4 We can’t forget about eating fruits and vegetables
We can’t forget about eating fruits and vegetables. They are sources of many vitamins. Meals should be eaten without a hurry, and often, too but they should be rather small. In such way out body doesn’t store calories.

5 We must remember about breakfast, because this is a meal which gives us energy for whole day.
We should also use oil, colza oil, nuts, avocado, nuts, olives and fishes. They provide our body with healthy fats and vitamins.

6 Healthy diet helps us to keep fit and supplies the body with the most important substances.

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