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Fabian Beijer Director of studies (the English unit) Language matters (English)

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1 Fabian Beijer Director of studies (the English unit) Language matters (English)

2 Claes Lindskog Ph.D. & Senior lecturer Your language teacher/tutor

3 UKÄ have criticised degree papers in physics, claiming that the language is not always good enough. Something had to be done! Experts in physics are not always language experts. If we take care of some language issues, your professors and supervisors can instead focus on physics (theory, method, etc.).  QUALITY. Why involve the English unit?

4 Sometimes a text can be almost impossible to understand because of language problems. Then it’s very hard for the supervisor, the examiner, UKÄ, or any reader to know of the ideas and arguments are good enough or not. If there are many mistakes in a text, the reader will get a bad impression, whether or not the ideas expressed in it are good. Language problems? (1)

5 Many different levels: Word level (spelling, choice of word, formality, etc.) Sentence level (grammar, information structure, sentence structure) Paragraph level (topic sentences, supporting sentences, etc.) Paragraph and section level (coherence and cohesion, linking, logic/contradictions) Language problems? (2)

6 We know that in order to become a good writer, you need to practice a lot. It’s also very important to get feedback on your work. Perhaps students of physics at Lund University don’t write enough or get enough feedback on their writing before the degree paper? Writing and feedback

7 Two lectures by Claes Lindskog + individual and collective feedback The first lecture will be partly based on what Claes has found in a number of degree papers (physics) from previous years/terms. You will hand in 1500 words of written text to Claes. You will receive individual feedback. The second lecture will be partly based on what Claes has found in your texts. What will we offer you?

8 Lecture 1.) 9 September. Room: D (L315). 2.15-4 Lecture 2.) 15 October. Room: D (L315). 2.15-4 Please note that the lectures are obligatory. The lectures

9 You will hand in your text to Claes as an attachment no later than 29 September, noon. You will get your individual feedback no later than 10 October, midnight. The deadlines

10 Two alternatives: A)”The motivation for your scientific thesis work” B)”The contents/meaning/impact/philosophical implications of quantum mechanics in the modern world” What to write about?

11 Please try to write in academic English, using the type of language and style that you would use in a degree paper. Take the task seriously. Otherwise it won’t be useful to you. Style?

12 Don’t forget to make use of AWELU (Academic Writing in English at Lund University) when you write your thesis. AWELU

13 Any questions at this stage?

14 What would you like to know more about? What do you need to learn more about? What type of feedback do you normally get on your English writing? Brainstorming activity 1 [Writing in English]

15 In pairs, please compare and discuss the results of Brainstorming activity 1. Hand in the results of this discussion together with the lists from brainstorming activity 1 to Fabian. Brainstorming activity 2

16 Good luck! Any final questions?

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