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PaperLess Professional …so much more than a simple document management solution…

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1 PaperLess Professional …so much more than a simple document management solution…

2 The Paper Problem The paper problem tends to grow within a business, growing businesses grow the problem. We even make the paper process worse by copying documents, storing multiple copies and wasting time and money.

3 Eventually we box up our files ready to archive them perhaps for up to 7 years and suffer the cost of this whilst the paper disintegrates in storage. Over the years the more business we do the bigger the problem we have to control. When the storage problem gets too big for our office space we incur extra costs to store our document archive offsite. The Paper Problem

4 Do you identify yourself with these problems?

5 The PaperLess Solution SIMPLE SMART SECURE

6 Scan To Archive Scan To Archive Methodology – Too many steps involved !

7 Capture To Process Capture to process methodology – The right way to go ! Using PaperLess and “Capture To Process” reduces processing steps by 40%

8 The PaperLess Solution



11 So, scan the paper in at reception, prevent the paper entering your business, which gives everyone in your organisation a centralised system to manage your business documents and processes. With this model at stage 1 you can also add any electronic documents you receive, so straight away paper and electronic documents enter the centralised system at the point of receipt, dramatically reducing your risks of loss and reducing processing costs.

12 The PaperLess Solution

13 The PaperLess Business is a digital business that enables all its employees to quickly and easily manage business processes using electronic files all within one centralised system.

14 The PaperLess Solution The PaperLess Business is a teamwork business

15 The PaperLess Solution People work better together when they quickly and easily can find the data and documents they need. Transparent workflow audit trails mean that people find it easier to do their part of the process and are accountable for it. No more hiding inefficiency under a stack of papers whilst looking busy. In PaperLess you can see all your business documents in Views so you can see where everything is in the process. PaperLess helps your team to perform

16 PaperLess - Increase Profits The PaperLess Business is a profitable business. PaperLess enables you to reduce costs, avoiding seeing money go down the drain, reduce the risk of threats to your business and increase your employees efficiency by controlling your business processes.

17 Speed up invoice processing PaperLess - Increase Profits

18 Never lose track of your business processes and documents PaperLess - Increase Profits

19 Always see every Sage transaction in PaperLess with the associated documents. PaperLess - Increase Profits

20 Reduce stress so happy employees work more efficiently with less manual errors. Speed up customer service and delivery so that happy customers buy more and recommend you as a supplier. Reduce overheads wasted on printing, storage and copying. Reduce costs by using better management information that is quickly and easily available and presented in a way that is easy to use to buy better. Reduce unnecessary costs and waste by controlling your business processes with work flow routines and consulting the audit trails of documents to work on system improvements. PaperLess – Reduce Costs

21 Time is money, so time saving is cost saving.

22 Find any document in seconds PaperLess – Reduce Costs

23 PaperLess is a centralised document archive with powerful search features. From within Sage open up the document in PaperLess associated with any transaction. In PaperLess you will see your documents in the different Views, all your paperwork will be in one of the views. See who should be doing what and by when so you can keep the business process flowing. You can find the documents you need in many different ways, a Purchase Invoice for example can be found by supplier, date, invoice number, nominal code, project, cost centre or department PaperLess – Reduce Costs

24 Easily manage all your paperwork and computer files in one centralised system PaperLess – Reduce Costs

25 PaperLess – Seamless Integration Relax as PaperLess automatically synchronises with Sage

26 PaperLess – Seamless Integration PaperLess is integrated with Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200 Business Suite. No user interaction required as the synchronisation is invisible to the user as it all happens in the background and all transactions in Sage can be seen in PaperLess. There is no workstation software to install as every user is running a shortcut to the application on the PaperLess server so you save more time in managing PaperLess as a software application, which means the total cost of ownership is low.

27 PaperLess is Cloud compatible PaperLess – Online Access

28 Access your documents and transactions via the Internet using the highest levels of security. PaperLess – Online Access

29 Secure your data and documents with comprehensive user rights PaperLess – Comprehensive User Rights

30 It is time to start accounting the PaperLess way PaperLess – accounting the PaperLess way

31 For more information: Business Development: Torben Halvorsen 110 Amiens Street, Dublin 1, Ireland Tel: (+44) (0) 207 135 2007 Email:

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