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Levels of Organization The Universe

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1 Levels of Organization The Universe

2 Subatomic Particles Atoms
Protons, neutrons, and electrons Atoms

3 Atoms Building blocks of matter – listed on periodic of elements Molecules

4 Molecules Cell organelles
More than one element/atom bonded together Cell organelles

5 Cell organelles Parts that make the cell like: nucleus, cell membrane, chloroplasts Cells

6 cells Building blocks of life – smallest living thing is made of one cell – humans are made of billions tissues

7 tissues A group of cells working together organs

8 organs A group of tissues working together Organ systems

9 Organ systems Organisms / species
A group of organs working together Organisms / species

10 Organisms/species populations
A unique living thing populations

11 populations communities
More than one organism living together in one place communities

12 communities ecosystems
Different populations living in one place together ecosystems

13 ecosystems A community of living things interacting with non-living things in one place biosphere

14 biosphere All the parts of the Earth that support life – atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and living things planets

15 planets A celestial body large enough to have its own gravitational pull ( and that has been shaped into a sphere by that gravity) Solar systems

16 Solar systems galaxies
A collection of planets orbiting the same star/sun galaxies

17 galaxies The known universe
A collection of solar systems, stars, gas, and dust The known universe

18 The known universe Everything: all galaxies, space, matter and energy

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