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Shenagh Gamble Sustainability Programs Coordinator Local Government Association of the Northern Territory.

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1 Shenagh Gamble Sustainability Programs Coordinator Local Government Association of the Northern Territory

2 about local government and climate change climate change risks to local government – the need for risk assessment Local Adaptation Pathways Program national perspective to risk and resilience looking to the future

3 16 councils (5 municipals, 11 shires) 95% land is incorporated under local government no statutory role in land use planning outside of metropolitan areas has limited ownership over land shires have very little scope to generate own source revenue conditional rating of properties

4 planning management of infrastructure provision of services employs a lot of people management of landfills street lighting capacity to reduce emissions

5 warmer, with more hot days and warm nights. more frequent and severe droughts, with greater fire risk. little change in annual rainfall increases in extreme weather events changes to building design, standards and performance, energy and water demand, and coastal planning increased peak summer energy demand for cooling warming and population growth spread of vector-borne, water-borne and food-borne diseases. further stress on water resources

6 planning policy and development assessment litigation road/transport buildings and housing coastal infrastructure economic development and tourism social and community planning provision and use of recreational facilities maintenance of recreational facilities health services; community/workplace health emergency/bushfire management agriculture/biosecurity natural resource management/coastal management weed/pest management biodiversity protection water and sewerage services storm water/drainage wastewater water supply coordinating council meetings

7 identify key vulnerabilities of local governments in the NT top end better understand the possible impacts of climate change in this region assess the risks associated with climate change understand and build community resilience and awareness develop adaptation options to reduce the impacts of climate change

8 Australian Government funded two major projects six councils across the top end contracted AECOM to undertake risk assessment climate science by CSIRO





13 temperature should continue to increase (mean, minimum and maximum) the number of days > 35°C and days > 40°C is likely to increase rainfall is projected to decrease both in the dry and in the wet humidity should slightly decrease both in the wet and the dry

14 risk as a factor of likelihood, impact and control first step was to combine likelihood and impact to determine the degree of risk second step was to compare this risk factor with “control” final step was to use a matrix to qualify risks into adaptation options – in terms of cost, degree of control, likely impact on the risk etc


16 assets and infrastructure emergency management and extreme events public health natural environment and culture

17 improve emergency management planning enhance community awareness develop education on heat and mosquito related illness upgrade of infrastructure and changes to procurement protect against storm surge monitor biodiversity develop council position paper work with other agencies

18 locally relevant data sets liability in decision making more uniform approach to risk assessments and adaptation options strong leadership consistent message to the community embed “climate change” in everything we do

19 growth towns and remote service delivery focus on emergency management moves towards disaster recovery changes in local government responsibilities

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