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2 BACKGROUND Unwritten Constitution Government Hierarchy: The Queen
The Prime Minister Cabinet Ministers Ministers of Parliament (MPs)

3 The Queen Head of State Neutral Appoints Prime Minister
Holds Royal Prerogative (now largely in the hands of Prime Minister or other government officials)

4 The Prime Minister Elected in First-Past-The-Post election by UK citizens Head of Government Selects Cabinet Ministers Accountable for policies Holds the most power in UK constitution Current Prime Minister = David Cameron

5 Cabinet Decision making body PM + 22 senior ministers selected by PM
Leads the individual government departments (eg. Secretary of State) Advises the Monarch (Privy Council)

6 MPs Also elected in First-Past-The-Post election Lead constituency
Also work in parliament for their political party Some MPs from the governing party selected by PM for cabinet Concerned with considering and proposing new laws

7 Houses of Parliament Two houses; House of Commons House of Lords

8 House of Commons Lower House (NB. Holds the most power)
650 elected MPs (including cabinet and PM) Where laws are proposed and considered Prime Minister’s Question Time (PMQs) = Held every Wednesday

9 House of Lords Upper House ‘Constitutional Safeguard’
Reviews and amends bills Most members appointed, not elected Parliament Act 1911 = Lord’s power to reject legislation reduced to delaying power

10 Limits to Government’s Power
Judges Local Authorities Charity Commission

11 Devolved Governments Scotland Wales
Northern Ireland (NB. NOT Republic of Ireland)

12 Local Governments County, district and parish councils
HM Government has influence over local authorities on financial powers and grants


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