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Promoting Family-Friendly Policies in the Workplace and Government

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1 Promoting Family-Friendly Policies in the Workplace and Government

2 What are family-friendly policies?
Family-friendly workplace or employer is one whose policies make it possible for employees to more easily balance family and work Family-friendly government policies are those laws, regulations and social policies that recognize the importance of families to society

3 Family-friendly workplace policies
Flex-time, a flexible work schedule Job sharing, employees may share a single position, each working a fraction of the time Allowing work away from the worksite Employee and family health benefits, in addition to health and dental insure this may include on-site fitness centers or subsides for joining a gym Tuition for employee education Can you think of others?

4 Family-friendly government policies
There are two ways the government can be family-friendly: 1. Institute family-friendly workplace policies 2. The government, at any level, can encourage family-friendly policies- by laws or other methods in business and public life in general

5 Ways the government can encourage family-friendly policies
Mandating that businesses institute family-friendly policies Using tax breaks and subsides to encourage businesses to adopt family-friendly policies Funding and maintaining family-oriented public facilities Encouraging family-friendly policy among public agencies and services Mandating a health insurance plan for all families Can you think of others?

6 Why promote family-friendly policies?
Allow parents to spend more time with their children Reduce stress and allow more choices Employees are more productive Allow employees to improve their economic status and quality of life Help employers keep valuable employees, and recruit the best They are good for the society

7 Who should promote family-friendly policies?
Business people Politicians and other policy makers People affected by family-friendly policies The media A broad-based coalition

8 When should you promote family-friendly policies?
Employees and/or family members raise the issue Families are having a tough time Family issues are in the news and the public eye Family issues are highlighted in a political campaign During labor negotiations During an economic development campaign

9 How do you promote family-friendly policies in the government and workplace?
Decide where to start, aim for fairness in your purpose: what's the greatest benefit for everyone Do your homework Particular needs of your community Policies that have been implemented elsewhere and their results Potential costs and benefits Alternatives to what you're initially proposing Offer to help find solutions that work Point to and reward those workplaces and government agencies who support and engage in family-friendly practices Frame the debate as a win-win situation, emphasize the fact that family-friendly policies are good for everyone

10 How do you promote family-friendly policies in the government and workplace (cont.) ?
Marshall support and communicate If you can put together a coalition, and look to gaining the support of other influential groups: Unions and other trade associations Working families Businesses and business associations Policy makers The media Advocate for family-friendly policies in ways that are appropriate to the situation, some possible ways may include: Union negotiations Legislative advocacy A media campaign Direct action Encourage the continued evaluation and adaptation of policies

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