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One line description - easy to understand and remember

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1 One line description - easy to understand and remember
COMPANY NAME One line description - easy to understand and remember Presenter(s) Name & Position Date

2 Mission or Problem Statement
WE ARE THE LEADING PROVIDER OF SOLUTIONS TO … OR WE ARE SOLVING THIS PROBLEM ... (Try and keep it very simple and use buzzwords)

3 Agenda Overview Market Solution / Products & Services Strategies
Competition Financials Summary

4 Who we are - History Formed on ### Location because # of customers
$ of revenue Prior funding raised

5 Management Team CEO CFO COO VP Engineering VP Sales VP Marketing

6 Organization Chart (Include the positions that need to filled)

7 Market Drivers Why is this solution needed?
What trends are pushing these needs? Who is driving the trends? How have company’s dealt with this problem in the past? (Use a graphic if it illustrates a clearer picture)

8 Market Structure How many customers? Size of customers?
Buying process of customers? features cost Competitor 1 Competitor 2

9 Industry Projections Today Your Niche

10 Solution / Product and Services
OUR Product Our Solution

11 Technology / Product / Pricing
Product today Typical sale pricing Product plan for future

12 Customers Current Customers
Customers in the pipeline (different stages) Big targets

13 Sales and Marketing Entry strategy Channels
Changes in and growth of plan

14 Alliances and Partnerships
List and briefly describe any key partnerships

15 Competition Who else does this ? How do they do it ?
Why will customers pick you ?

16 Financial Projections

17 Capital Structure Capital structure, pre and post financing (include amount inside vs. outside) Options pool status

18 Accomplishments Founded 1st round of financing closed 1st Sale
Product Development COO joined VP of Sales joined 1997 1998

19 Future Milestones / Goals
First $1mm Sale 50 Customers Second Release CFO hired IPO 1999 2000 (Try to include as much as you can)

20 Close the deal - Summary
Investment Highlights

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