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Month, Year Company Name

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1 Month, Year Company Name
Introductory VC Pitch Month, Year Company Name

2 Overall Guidance Demonstrate your domain expertise with your understanding of the market Use the slides to lead, not read Ask questions; be a good listener “Less is More” slides Keep it Simple Emphasize momentum/milestones that confirm progress A Picture’s worth a thousand words

3 Cover Sheet A brief one-line mission statement
E.g.: Updata Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in early and growth stage companies that provide innovative IT software and services. Contact information

4 The Elevator Pitch What is value proposition for customers to buy your offering? Example: “XYZ develops software solutions which help school districts better manage their special education programs by ensuring compliance, increasing revenues and reducing administrative time and expense” Why is it compelling now?

5 Company Background The management team Summary of the organization
Is this a high performance team? Articulate team members’ relevant experience Areas where the team needs additional help? Summary of the organization Headcount by Dept (include FTEs) Office location's Date Company was founded Board Members and/or Advisors What credibility do they add? Why did they choose to be involved?

6 Market Opportunity Market need – define customer “pain” and drivers
Market Size-“Keep it Real!” Total size TAM (Total Addressable Market) – what subset is relevant to Company % of market you will own Growth rate Segmentation Company Positioning

7 Competition “Know Your Market Cold” The competitive landscape
Who are your competitors? Collaborators? Too little competition is not necessarily good Competitive differentiator What is your “secret sauce” or unique advantages? How sustainable are these advantages?

8 Sales Model Vertical or Horizontal play? To whom do you sell
What Titles are decision makers and influencers? How do you get to them (Direct, Inside Sales, Telemarketers) Length of sales cycle How do you generate leads and awareness? Channels/Indirect Sales Mix Cost Partnerships

9 Customers Number of current customers or Pilot/Beta Sales pipeline
Lighthouse clients Customer Concentration Customer Retention/Attrition Sales pipeline What’s the momentum in new opportunities and bookings? What’s Visibility for Forward 12 Months? Win/Loss Ratio Brief case study can help Company Name: Pain Point: Solution/Features: Result/ROI:

10 Technology/Solution/Service Offering
How does it work and what’s different? One page architectural diagram or logical description Is there defensible “barrier” and have you protected it? By placing the technology section further in the presentation, you are assured that the previous information gets discussed. Then, you have the luxury to spending the remaining time on this topic and not rushing through important business issues.

11 Product Development Status of product (Alpha, Beta, 1.0,…)
Product/Service mix Product Roadmap Key milestones and expected completion/release dates Dependency on external technologies/partners; key vendor licenses

12 Economic Model What is your economic model?
Recurring or Transactional? Direct or Indirect? Highlight economic model assumptions -Revenue Growth -Margins -Where’s leverage in the Model? -Key Performance Assumptions Bottom line: How do you make money?

13 Sample Economic Model Specify the cash flow breakeven point
Monthly burn rate: gross & net

14 Risks What keeps you up at night?
What’s the biggest risk of NOT raising money? If the business doesn’t take off, what will be the reasons? Who are the latent competitors, including customer “make” decisions (vs. buying your product) Who loses if you win? Be Honest!

15 Financing History Capitalization table
Amounts previously raised w/ dates Security type: Common Equity, Series A, Series B, Convertible Debt Any special provisions, terms held by prior shareholders Post-money valuation on last round Are your valuation expectations realistic?

16 Proposed Financing Total amount to be raised
Amount already committed from prior investors or new lead How far does it get you? Expected future financings What do you need in an investor?

17 Use of Proceeds & Exit Breakdown of proceeds usage on
R&D Sales & marketing Acquisitions Other Exit scenarios and timeline IPO vs. M&A Who are the buyers Why will they buy you

18 Summary Bullet point summary of deal highlights
Why is now the time to invest? Key momentum indicators Market Size and Opportunity Team Qualifications/Previous Success Barriers To Entry

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