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God’s Not Dead: “No God – No Evil” John 16:18 – 22.

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1 God’s Not Dead: “No God – No Evil” John 16:18 – 22

2 The Problem Of Evil “My Argument Against God Was That The Universe Seemed So Cruel And Unjust. But How Had I Got This Idea Of Just And Unjust? A Man Does Not Call A Line Crooked Unless He Has Some Idea Of A Straight Line. What Was I Comparing This Universe With When I Called It Unjust?” - C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

3 The Moral Law “God Made Us And Put The Moral Law Within Us. That This Moral Law Points To The Existence Of God Is Central To Faith. However, There Is Also The Reality That Though People Know Right And Wrong, They Many Times Don’t Do What They Should Do. This Is True Whether They Claim To Be Religious Or Not.” - C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

4 The Categorical Imperative “The Evidence Of God Comes From The Starry Sky Above Me And The Moral Law Within Me. In Other Words, Judge The Righteousness Of Your Actions By Asking This Question: ‘What If Everyone Acted This Way?’” -Emmanuel Kant, The Metaphysics For Morals (18 th Century) Matthew 7:12; Leviticus 19:34; Romans 13:10

5 Darwinian Ethics? “Good And Evil Exist, And We Know It. How Could A Blind Process Such As Natural Selection Or Survival Of The Fittest, Which Came Into Existence By Chance, Produce This Universal Sense Of Right And Wrong? If Life Arose Spontaneously From Random Chemical Processes, A Big Bang, We Would Have No More Moral Obligation Than A Bowl Of Soup.” - Broocks, God’s Not Dead

6 1. God’s Moral Law Exists To Protect Us Acts 17:30 – 31 Mark 13:32 Ephesians 6:12 (Numbers 22 – 24)

7 2. What Is The Origin Of Evil? 1.God Created It? (1 John 1:5) 2.Evil Has Always Co-Existed With God? (Job 2:6, 10) 3. God Granted His Angels And Mankind With Freedom Of Choice? (2 Peter 2:4; Jude 6; Isaiah 14:12; Genesis 2:16 – 17)

8 3. There Are Primarily 3 Worlds God Could Have Created 1.Control – No Choices, Just Programmed Goodness 2.Chaos – Survival Of The Fittest 3.Cooperation – A Covenant Relationship

9 4. God Is In Control 1.God Defines Evil (Isa. 5:20; 59:1 – 2) 2.God Denounces Evil (1 Thessalonians 5:21 – 22) 3.God Defeats Evil (Matthew 27:46; Hebrews 2:9) 4.God Destroys Evil (2 Peter 3:9 – 10) 5.God Created A Place Devoid Of Evil (Revelation 21:1 – 2, 27)

10 The Best Possible Life/World We Can Become A New Testament Christian Tonight Hear Him (Romans 10:17) Believe Him (Mark 16:16) Repent Of Sins Against Him (Acts 2:38) Confess Him (Acts 8:37) Be Baptized Into Him (Acts 22:16) Live For Him (Galatians 2:20) We Can Back To The New Testament Church Tonight Come Back To Him (Matthew 11:28-30) Repent (Acts 8:22) Pray (James 5:16)

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