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Leveraging HubSpot Enterprise to Grow Your Agency Peter Caputa Date: 11-09-2011 Advanced Landing Pages.

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1 Leveraging HubSpot Enterprise to Grow Your Agency Peter Caputa Date: 11-09-2011 Advanced Landing Pages

2 AGENDA What are Advanced Landing Pages? Setting up Advanced Landing Pages Why are the valuable? Homework, Getting Help, Co-Marketing 1 2 3 4


4 True A / B Testing Multiple Template Options Existing Web Page Import Capability


6 Scenario #1 Logon to your HubSpot Account Open up Advanced Landing Pages Using an existing landing page on your site: – Import page from that site – Save it as a template – Create an A/B Test – Create two editable regions – Create version A – Create version B – Drive traffic to see which variation performs best.

7 Go to Advanced Landing Pages

8 Click “New Landing Page”

9 Click “Import Existing Page” Sales Tip: Consider doing this in a trial..

10 Enter URL of Page You Want to Clone

11 Define the Elements You Want to Vary

12 Preview Template

13 Developers: Add Tags via HTML Cheat Sheet of Template Tag Examples: Cheatsheet.pdf Cheatsheet.pdf

14 Create Version A

15 Save and Preview

16 Use Same Template for New Variation

17 Change 1 Element to Test Impact

18 Now You Have an A/B Test

19 Set up Form Rules

20 Form Rules to Setup Recommended: 1.Thank you message or redirect to thank you page. 2.Email autoresponder 3.HubSpot Leads API URL Optional: 1.Internal email notification 2.Webhook 3.Integrations with rd parties

21 Getting the HubSpot Leads API URL

22 Enable Landing Pages

23 Drive Traffic & Monitor Conversion Rates

24 Disable Lower, Set up More Variations E Beats F. Disable F. Create More Variations…

25 Scenario #2 Using an advanced landing page template create an A/B Test – Select a Template – Import an image, customize the text – Create two variations: A & B

26 Click “New Landing Page”

27 Select a Template Sales Tip: Consider doing this in a trial..

28 Customize the Landing Page

29 Variation B: Change Form Fields


31 Let’s recap the value A/B Testing – “Allows a marketer or business owner to increase lead conversion rate by easily setting up and testing variations of landing pages. Elements that can be varied include messaging, images, headlines, form fields, action buttons and page layouts.”

32 Let’s recap the value Pre-Designed Template Options – “Provides the marketer or business owner with a flexible and easy way to create attractive landing pages and do A/B testing w/out html or design skills required.”

33 Let’s recap the value Existing Page Import Capability – “Allows a marketer the flexibility to create unlimited landing pages in their exact ‘look and feel’ by importing a specific web page and turning it into an editable template.”

34 Key Value Points Unlimited A/B Testing Landing pages run on your subdomain Extremely affordable method to A/B testing Allows marketers to avoid the typical technical issues with java script A/B testing Landing pages up and running quickly w/ no IT involvement required: – No designer needed, template system saves valuable time – Import tool allows a “1 click import” of your look and feel Detailed landing page reporting – Determine right offers/landing pages for different traffic sources – Quickly enable and disable landing page variations to maximize click through rate.


36 Murray Langston


38 Knowledge Check 1.What are the 3 types of data I can see for each landing page? 2.What are the two ways I can create a new landing page? 3.What do I have to do set up an A/B test? 4.What are 3 key value points of using Advanced Landing Pages?

39 Key Takeways Advanced Landing Pages allow A/B Testing You can use templates or import pages Testing drives results Middle of the funnel effectiveness is key 1 2 3 4


41 Homework 1.Previous Weeks’ Homework: – Setup lots of conversion forms to capture emails. – Setup events in advanced analytics – Set up lead nurturing strategy based on your markets, products, personas, pain points and content. Build “event behavior chains” or “event flows” and start tracking how many leads trigger these event chains. Write emails and configure sends – Set up Lifecyle Summary Reports, Trend Reports and Reverse Funnel Reports 2.Build Landing Pages, Run A/B Tests

42 Co-Marketing Opp (continued) 1.In the forum or on your blog, write your thoughts about, “How Marketing Can Help Convert More Leads to Sales” 2.We’ll take quotes from you and write a blog article highlighting the best advice. The article(s) will be posted on with links to your site.


44 Use the Forums We’ll post updates and to-do’s. You should respond when you do something, or when you get stuck. If you have product setup questions, call support. 888 HubSpot Recordings and slides are on

45 See You Next Wednesday


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