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Public Health Essential Service #1 Monitor health status to identify community health problems.

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1 Public Health Essential Service #1 Monitor health status to identify community health problems

2 Why do we want to know the Ten Essential PH Services?  Improve quality & performance  Achieve better outcomes – improved health, less preventable deaths and disease.  Be more efficient with time and money  Receive national accreditation


4 Where Essential Service # 1 Located  Under the Core PH Function of Assessment – assessment is a core government obligation in public health every PH agency should collect, assemble, analyze, and make available information on the health of the community – the health status; health needs; studies of health problems IOM Report, 1988

5 Understanding the Essential Services by Model Standards There are 4 Model Standards by which we measure each Essential Service

6 4 Model Standards that apply to each Essential Service 1. Planning & Implementation – what kind of planning takes place to implement the Essential Service 2. State – Local Relationships – who contributes from the PH system to provide assistance

7 Model Standards (cont.) 3. Performance Management & Quality Improvement – how is effectiveness of performance reviewed 4. PH Capacity & Resources – how are human, technological, organizational, financial resources used

8 What is included in Essential Service # 1?  Assessing health status  Identifying health threats  Determining health service needs  Analyzing health of specific high risk groups  Identifying community assets and resources  Collaborating to integrate and manage health information

9 Composite Performance Scores for Each Essential Service and Overall

10 Essential Service # 1 by Model Standard

11 Essential Service # 1 under Model Standard – Planning & Implementation  Collect health-related data – Vital statistics thru birth and death records Number of injuries – e.g., fireworks injuries Behavioral – e.g., smoking Chronic diseases – e.g., Cancer registry Birth defects; immunizations of 2 yr olds BRFSS  Produce reports –

12 Model – Planning & Implementation (cont.)  Operate a data reporting system – Health Data Center  Geo-code data – GIS  Protect health information – HIPAA; access to CHIRP; HIV vault  Operate data reporting system – e.g., Syndromic surveillance system; National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NEDSS)

13 Essential Service # 1 under Model Standard : State-Local Relationships  Offer technical assistance to interpret data – Data Analysis Team (DAT)  Provide standard set of data to LHDs and help them apply data to planning activities – use data to plan for use of Local Health Maintenance Funds  IHIE – IN Health Information Exchange  LHDs & practitioners supply data – e.g., CHIRP; Registries

14 Essential Service # 1 under Model Standard : Performance Management & Quality Improvement  Review effectiveness to monitor health status – collecting the right data at the right time  Meeting user needs  Change system to improve usefulness of data

15 Essential Service # 1 under Model Standard: PH Capacity & Resources  Financial Resources – to a broad scope of monitoring activities  Organizational focus on data collection – among departments; use of technology  Skilled workforce – in statistical analysis; epidemiology; information systems

16 Competencies To execute Essential Service #1  Analytic/Assessment Skills

17 Analytic/Assessment Skills  Defines a problem  Determines appropriate uses and limitations of both quantitative and qualitative data

18  Recognizes how the data illuminate ethical, political, scientific, economic, and overall public health issues  Collects, summarizes, and interprets information relevant to an issue

19 What does your program do to carry out Essential Service # 1? Discussion

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