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Essential Services 9 & 10: # 9 – Evaluation # 10 - Research.

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1 Essential Services 9 & 10: # 9 – Evaluation # 10 - Research

2 One last time… Why learn about the 10 Essential Services? Improve quality and performance. Achieve better outcomes – improved health, less preventable death and disease. Be more efficient with time and money. Receive national accreditation.

3 Why pursue accreditation? Document accountability Encourage continuous quality improvement Set benchmarks on services Leads to best practice sharing Help identify gaps in performance

4 Essential Service #9: Evaluate: Effectiveness Accessibility Quality of personal and population-based health services

5 ES #9 in “plain English”… …Evaluate and improve programs. We should ask ourselves: “Are we doing any good? Are we doing things right? Are we doing the right things?”

6 What does ES #9 include? Critical review of programs by analyzing health status and service utilization data to: Determine program effectiveness Adjust resources and reshape programs Improve efficiency Critical review of the State Public Health System’s performance and capacity.

7 ES #9: “Assurance” core function

8 How do we assess performance? Four Model Standards: Planning and Implementation State and Local Partnerships Performance Management/Quality Improvement Public Health Capacity and Resources

9 ES#9 Planning and Implementation Standard Are we: Comparing IN population-based programs to national standards? Seeking consumer input? Identifying strengths? Weaknesses? Determining whether organizations operate as a system?

10 ES #9: State and Local Partnerships Standard Are we: Providing technical assistance to local public health systems regarding evaluation? Sharing results of state-level performance evaluations with local PH systems? Seeking evaluation assistance from academic partners?

11 ES #9: Performance Management/Quality Improvement Standard Are we: Measuring performance milestones? Using relevant benchmarks to set expectations? Using robust evaluation methodologies?

12 ES # 9: PH Resources and Capacity Standard Are we: Allocating adequate financial resources for evaluation activities? Using partnerships to focus on evaluation? Investing in workforce competencies to monitor and analyze performance of programs and services?

13 ES #9: How did we do?

14 ES # 9 - Results by Model Standard

15 ISDH Examples of ES #9 Use of LTC inspection reports continuing education sessions Use of GIS to assure appropriate placement of MCH and CHC services Evaluate lab processes to assure timely results Emergency Preparedness table top and actual exercises Changed LPHC approach to District PHC approach Eliminated Scoliosis & Osteoporosis Screening

16 Essential Service #10: Research for New Insights and Innovative Solutions to Health Problems

17 ES #10 in “plain English”… Support innovation, identify and use best practices. We should ask ourselves: “Are we discovering and using new ways to get the job done?”

18 What does ES #10 include? Collaboration with research institutions Assistance with development of comprehensive research agenda Workforce competencies to assist partners with: Timely epidemiological analyses Economic analyses Health services research

19 ES #10: Interfaces with all Core Functions and Essential Services

20 ES #10 Planning and Implementation Standard Are we: Engaged in academic-practice collaborations? Working with partners to establish a research agenda? Participating in research activities? Applying research findings in practice settings?

21 ES #10: State and Local Partnerships Standard Are we: Assisting local public health systems with research activities? Helping local public health systems interpret and apply research findings? Facilitating local partnerships with research institutions?

22 ES #10: Performance Management/Quality Improvement Standard Are we: Regularly monitoring research activities for relevance to current issues in practice and for appropriateness in scope and methodology? Conducting ongoing QI activities?

23 ES #10: Public Health Resources and Capacity Standard Are we: Allocating financial resources for research? Enhancing external relationships to focus on research? Assuring the workforce is: Adept at identifying research opportunities Skilled in establishing partnerships Skilled in applying research relevant to the Essential Public Health Services?

24 How did we do?

25 ES #10: Results by Model Standard

26 What is ISDH’s role in ES #10? Participate in research Engage partners to conduct research Identify research needs Apply and communicate findings ISDH

27 References CDC National Public Health Performance Standards Program Website: HealthServices.htm#es2 HealthServices.htm#es2 Council on Linkages Training Project Website: htm#2 htm#2 Indiana Public Health System Quality Improvement Report (2007).

28 Discussion How does your program provide the Essential Service of evaluation? Does your program support or engage in research activities?

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