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Perineum General features

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1 Perineum General features
Region of below pelvic diaphragm(the levator ani and coccygeus muscles) anus

2 Boundaries A diamond-shape space whose boundaries are those of the pelvic outlet Lower border of symphysis pubis Rami of pubis and ischium Ischial tuberosities Sacrotuberous ligament The coccyx

3 Two triangles An imaginary line drawn between the two ischial tuberosities divides perineum into anterior and posterior triangles Urogenital triangle (anterior)-differs in male and female Anal triangle (posterior)-similar in both sexes

4 Urogenital triangle contains the roots of the external genital organ and the openings of the urogenital system. ischiopubic rami ischial tuberosity levator ani muscle

5 Anal triangle ischial tuberosity sacrotuberous ligament anus
tip of the coccyx

6 Highlight Position and divisions of perineum.

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