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1 Planning an Evaluation Observations from a Practitioner.

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1 1 Planning an Evaluation Observations from a Practitioner

2 Topics 2 Introductory remarks Common pitfalls A multi-dimensional activity Key planning steps Some practical tips

3 Some Overall Considerations 3 A wide variety of different contexts (e.g. doing v supervising, policy v service delivery, ex ante v ex post, technical v non-technical) Planning and doing closely related Experience across a wide range of organisations, topics, etc Overlaps with planning other types of assignments An external consultancy perspective

4 Pitfalls in Evaluation 4 1.Misunderstand context 2.Objectives unclear, not agreed 3.Client unclear, not agreed 4.Lack of balance, being one-dimensional 5.Thinking you know the answer 6.Work thats not used in the end 7.Having no analytical framework 8.Being over-ambitious 9.Not having the right expertise 10.Failing to consult stakeholders 11.Not allowing time for project/process/management 12.No intellectual leadership 13.Report not doing work justice PLANNING IS PREVENTING THESE

5 A Multi-dimensional Activity 5 Managing the team Stakeholder Involvement Research Analysis Time, resources, budget Client, user relations EVALUATION A Balancing Act

6 Key Planning Steps 6 1.Establish/Understand Context who is the client? why being done? any specific use intended? what kind of evaluation is needed 2.Obtain/Prepare/Agree Brief (ToR) is there one already? is it clear? write one? is it agreed? 3.Prepare Work Plan (Proposal) overall approach (i.e. how interpreting brief, how going about it) analytical framework (i.e. overall logic) methodology/techniques (e.g. CBA) work programme (i.e. the data collection)

7 Key Steps Continued 7 4.Evaluation Team/Resources (budget) no. of people/person days types of people necessary expertise (e.g. on technical aspects) 5.The Output/Report/Schedule meet how often, how many, when? nature of report e.g. length? style? nature? presentations?

8 Some Practical Tips 8 watch for scope-creep keep re-reading the brief estimate time needed and double it! avoid surprising the client dont over-promise structure the report early on set internal deadlines SATISFACTION = PERCEPTIONS MINUS EXPECTATIONS (S=P-E)

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