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Napoleon Forges an Empire

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1 Napoleon Forges an Empire
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2 Napoleon Bonaparte 5ft, 3 inches tall
Recognized as one of the world’s military geniuses along with Alexander and Julius Caesar Sent to military school in northern France at age 9 1785, only 16 years old, finished school and became a lieutenant in the army

3 Hero of the Hour When the Revolution broke out, Napoleon joined the new government’s army Royalists stormed the National Convention, and Napoleon received orders to greet those protestors with fire Those attackers fled in panic and confusion Napoleon Bonaparte became the hero of the hour, and was hailed throughout Paris as the savior of the French Republic

4 1796, the Directory (France’s new government) appoints Napoleon to lead an army against Austria and the kingdom of Sardinia Napoleon’s army won a series of battles in Italy, crushing the threat of Austrian troops to France The newspapers praise Napoleon’s victories

5 Napoleon’s series of defeats would end, and his luck ran out
Napoleon vs. Nelson Next, Napoleon’s army moved on to Egypt to disrupt trade between Britain and India Napoleon’s series of defeats would end, and his luck ran out His French troops were defeated by British admiral Horatio Nelson Napoleon was able to keep this defeat from the press

6 Directory Loses Control
The French people had lost confidence in the Directory The only thing keeping the them in power was their control of the army The Abbe Sieyes urges Napoleon to seize political power Napoleon puts a plan in motion

7 Napoleon Takes Control
It began on November 9, 1799, when Napoleon was put in charge of the military It ended the next day when his troops drove out the members of 1 chamber of the legislature, and then voted to dissolve the Directory Napoleon assumes dictatorial powers as 1 of 3 consuls Sudden seize of power called a coup- french phrase coup d`e tat

8 Napoleon’s Coup d’ E`tat

9 Europe at Peace France was still at war
1799, British Diplomats assemble the Second Coalition of anti-French powers- Britain, Austria and Russia- with the goal of driving Napoleon from power By 1802, as a result of war and diplomacy, all 3 countries had signed peace agreements with France and Europe was at peace for the first time in 10 years.

10 Napoleon could now focus on restoring France
At first, he pretends to be the constitutionally chosen leader, but in 1800, Napoleon holds a plebiscite (vote of the people) to approve a new constitution This was the 4th constitution in 8 years French people are so desperate for strong leadership, voted in favor for power to Napoleon

11 Napoleon Brings Stability and Order
To get economy stable- sets up tax collection and national bank Dismissed corrupt officials Set up lycees, government run public schools to train officials Signed concordat (agreement) with Pope Pius VII, creating a new relationship between the Church and France Concordat gains Napoleon support from church and the French

12 Napoleonic Code He was most proud of Napoleonic Code, gave France a uniform set of laws -eliminated many injustices -limited and promoted order and authority over individual rights -freedom of speech and press restricted, as well as women’s rights -restored slavery in French colonies in the Caribbean where slavery had been abolished

13 Napoleon Crowned as Emperor
In 1804, napoleon decided to make himself emperor In a flashy ceremony, wearing a long robe, he walked slowly down the aisle of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris He takes the crown out of the pope’s hands, and puts it on his own head This arrogant gesture showed Napoleon had more power than the church

14 Napoleon taking the crown from the pope instead of following tradition and allowing the Pope to crown him

15 Napoleon Creates an Empire
Napoleon wants to create an empire and control all of Europe and reassert French power in the new world (Americas) He envisions his western empire to include Florida, Louisiana and the French West Indies To do this, he needs support from the French colony St. Domingue (now Haiti) There’s a civil war going on in St. Domingue because slaves want their freedom back, along with the same privileges of French citizens

16 Louisiana Purchase Napoleon sends over troops to get control over the island Thousands of soldiers die from yellow fever Napoleon realizes the long obstacle facing him and doesn’t want the trouble He offers to sell all of the Louisiana territory to the U.S.

17 In 1803, U.S. President, Thomas Jefferson agrees to buy the territory for $15 million.
This benefited Napoleon 2 ways: 1) France gains money to finance operations in Europe 2) punished Britain by giving them another rival (the U.S.)


19 Napoleon Focuses on Conquering Europe
Napoleon had already annexed the Austrian Netherlands, parts of Italy and set up a puppet government in Switzerland Fearful of his ambitions, Britain persuaded Russia, Austria and Sweden to join a third coalition against France

20 Hey… Why do you think Britain needs to have a strong Navy??
Napoleon has a series of brilliant battles and crushes his opposition All rulers sign a peace treaty with France except Britain Napoleon has the biggest empire since the Romans The only threat is Britain’s Navy Yep- it’s an island and surrounded by water! Hey… Why do you think Britain needs to have a strong Navy??


22 In his war against the third coalition, Napoleon lost just one major battle, the Battle of Trafalgar
This naval defeat was more important than all of Napoleon’s victories on land

23 Battle took place in 1804 off coast of Spain
Napoleon vs. Nelson Round 2 Battle took place in 1804 off coast of Spain British admiral who defeated Napoleon in 1798 in charge of British fleet Nelson outmaneuvered the much bigger fleet of French-Spanish fleet Nelson was wounded by a French sharpshooter, but heard the news of defeating Napoleon once again before he died “Now I am satisfied,” whispered the admiral. “Thank God, I have done my duty”.


25 Destruction of French fleets had 2 major results:
1) assured supremacy of British navy for the next hundred years 2) Napoleon had to give up idea of invading Britain

26 Napoleon’s Empire By 1812, the only major European countries free from Napoleon’s control were Britain, Ottoman Empire, Portugal and Sweden Other countries in Europe had rulers who were puppets of Napoleons, or even related French Empire is huge, but unstable. Napoleon was able to maintain the empire for just 5 years ( ), but caused the collapse himself

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