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Napoleon forges an empire

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1 Napoleon forges an empire
Chapter 23 section 3

2 Key Terms Napoleon Bonaparte Coup d’etat Plebiscite Lycee Concordant
Napoleonic Code Battle of Trafalgar

3 Hero of the Hour Napoleon a brilliant military leader
Forced British troops out of Toulon Won a victory against Austria 1795 faced royalist mob in Paris Used artillery to disperse them

4 Hero of the Hour Directory place Napoleon in charge of French troops
Troops not slowed down by supply train Took what they needed from the countryside Won battles against the Italians and Austrians Secured France’s borders

5 Hero of the Hour Napoleon turned his attention to Egypt
1798 Napoleon defeats Egypt’s Ottoman defenders Admiral Horatio Nelson- trapped and destroyed most French ships in the Battle of the Nile

6 Hero of the Hour Napoleon covered up his defeat Napoleon sailed home
Left army in Egypt under another officer Exaggerated France's successes

7 Coup d’Etat National hero decided to seize political power
Directory had grown weak Armed supporters of Napoleon surrounded the Directory Voted Napoleon first Consul

8 Coup d’Etat Coup d’ etat- a forced transfer of power
A group of three consuls would replace the Directory Structure of the Republic still in place Napoleon had become dictator

9 Napoleon Rules France Why would France want a dictator, after overthrowing a king? French craved order and stability the Napoleon promised Napoleon pledged to uphold some of the revolutions reforms

10 Napoleon Rules France Plebiscite-a vote of the people to approve a new constitution 1804- did they want to declare France an empire Napoleon became Emperor Napoleon I Pope Pious VII came from Rome to crown him

11 Napoleon Crowns as Emperor
As Pope was going to place the crown on Napoleon's head He grabbed it and put it on his own head Told the world no one gave Napoleon authority but himself

12 Restoring Order at Home
Set up efficient tax collection Established a national banking system Dismissed corrupt government officials Lycees-government run public schools Open to all Appointment to public office on merit not family connections

13 Napoleon Creates an Empire
Wanted to rule Europe and extend power to Americas Civil war in Haiti was a French defeat Napoleon sold the Louisiana territories to America to concentrate on Europe

14 Loss of American Territories
Louisiana territory sold for 15 million Napoleon needed the money to finance European operations The sale assured forever the power of the United States Gave England a rival that will humble her pride

15 Conquering Europe Quest to conquer Europe
France became a dominant power in Europe Napoleonic Wars lasted till 1815 Great Britain was France’s worst enemy

16 Conquering Europe Napoleon annexed the Austrian Netherlands and parts of Italy Napoleon met his challenges with boldness Other armies could not predict his next move

17 Conquering Europe Organized coalitions against France
Napoleon knew he had to defeat Great Britain 1805 England again defeats France in Battle of Trafalgar On Land Napoleon was more successful

18 Battle of Trafalgar 1805 off the coast of Spain Split the French fleet
Captured many ships Destruction of French fleet Gave Britain naval supremacy for 100 years Force Napoleon to give up invading Britain

19 French Empire Took control of Europe through treaties and alliances
Great Britain, Portugal, Sweden and Ottoman Empire not controlled Napoleon put relatives in power of conquered areas

20 French Empire His brothers ruled in Holland, Naples, and Sicily
His sisters and stepsons held important positions

21 Reform of Church State Relations
Many citizens despised the anti religious nature of the Revolution Napoleon made an agreement with the Pope Concordat-French citizens were Roman Catholic

22 Reform of Church Relations
Recognized the influence of the Catholic Church Did not return control over national affairs

23 Economic Reforms Established the Bank of France Regulate the economy
Set up efficient tax collection system Ensured government would not face hardships

24 Legal and Educational Reforms
Created Napoleonic Code-laws uniform across the land Eliminated many injustices Promoted order and authority over rights Freedom of the press was restricted by censors

25 Legal and Educational Reforms
Code only applied to male citizens Denied rights of women and allowed husbands to have authority over them Strong state depended on strong leaders in government and the military

26 Napoleon’s Legacy Napoleon’s action spread nationalism
Nationalism-a sense of identity and unity as a people French people developed a new loyalty to France as a whole Nationalism spread to the conquered peoples

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