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Thursday 1/24/13 RAP Why was the KKK so strong in the 1920s? How high up in the public service sector did members of the KKK go in the 1920s? How has the.

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1 Thursday 1/24/13 RAP Why was the KKK so strong in the 1920s? How high up in the public service sector did members of the KKK go in the 1920s? How has the KKK changed from the 1920s to today? Today: 1.Stamp notes on Ch. 12.3 2.Review Ch. 12.3 3.1920s Arizona 4.Write a rough draft of your essay on the KKKDue Friday SWBAT describe the social and political issues facing people in the 1920s through discussion, readings, and simulation of a radio show.

2 Cultural Conflicts Ch. 12.3 The Power of Religion: Scopes Trial Trial on evolution –Evolution being taught in public schools in Tennessee in 1925. John Scopes, a science teacher, was on trial for teaching evolution. Scopes broke the law (Butler Act) which states that a teacher can not teach any theory that denies the story of the Divine Creation of man as taught in the Bible. Scopes went on trial to test the legality of the Butler Act. Both sides claimed victory when the trial was over; the jury took less than 10 minutes to find John Scopes guilty and fine him $100, but the Tennessee Supreme Court later acquitted him on a technicality.

3 Prohibition-18 th amendmentVolstead Act Many government officials took part in the bribery and corruption that accompanied the unenforceable law. Enforcing prohibition was a daunting task, in order to enforce and control liquor laws many large U.S. cities would need many more policemen. Speakeasies, or clubs where liquor was sold in violation of the law. Gangsters were taking over the bootlegging (transportation of illegal liquor) business and crime soared. Gangs stationed soldiers to hijack other gangs shipments and killed rivals. –Al Capone- Chicago gangster who was eventually convicted of income tax evasion.

4 KKK 1920s-The KKK spread north into central U.S., and had the greatest strength in Indiana---where half a million men joined. (Map page 400) The Klan in the 1920s grew to almost 5 million members. The Klan was against Blacks, Jews, Catholics, Mexican Americans, Native Americans, and communists the Klan wanted what they perceived to be as a pure America. They terrorized people by tarring and feathering, flogging, and lynching. By 1925 the Klan was loosing influence due to a widely publicized case in Indiana. It was not what many Christian people had envisioned.

5 Immigration- National Origins Act pure Americanism of the KKK found many Americans fearing immigrants who may be radical and disloyal. –Palmer raids –Red Scare –Sacco and Vanzetti Immigration Act in 1921 -reversed the open immigration from Europe. –Law limited the number of immigrants by applying a quota. National Origins Act of 1924 – reduced the number of immigrants and excluded Asians altogether. –Countries seemed unfit for the U.S. and that had very low quotas were countries from southern and eastern Europe, Asians, Africans, and Jews. (graph on page 401) –Due to ideas of eugenics and nativism people of certain countries were limited in coming to the U.S. Many countries, such as Japan, were very upset with the U.S. about the immigration quotas.

6 1928 Election Many people were moving to the cities from small towns in the 1920s. Why? Jobs Battles of 1920s: –Religion –Drinking –Immigration Republican nominee Herbert Hoover against Democrat New York Governor Al Smith. –Rural people supported Hoover –Hoover won in a landslide but… –Hoover lost the 12 largest cities in the U.S.

7 Arizona 1920 moving into the modern age Major cities –Tucson – 20,292 –Phoenix – state capital – 29, 053 –Flappers, talkies, route 66, davis monthan air field, skyscrapers, shopping centers. –No air conditioning until the 1930s

8 Economy –Not industrial 5 Cs –Copper – Phelps Dodge –technology –Cattle- as many as 1.75 million head of cattle providing beef to the nation. –Citrus -Grapefruit, lemons, limes and oranges are among the most popular citrus grown. –Cotton -Pima long-staple cotton started to be grown in the state. –Climate – Tourism IMPORTANT TO ARIZONA EARLY ECONOMY

9 Workforce –Phelps Dodgestarted company unions –Agriculture – Cotton; citrus Laborers – Mexicans and American Indians. –Poor pay and harsh conditions

10 Prohibition passed in 1914six years before Federal law. –Failed in Arizona –Speakeasies popped up; homemade liquor Dams –Salt River –Gila River Water usage services Irrigation for farm fields –Hoover Dam – first Boulder Dam 7 states share water rights AZ gov. against ittoo many states sharing Some experts predict that if Lake Mead falls more than about 50 feet below its January 2010 level, power generation will not be possible.

11 Immigration –Border Patrol Gave literacy tests and poll taxes until the late 1920s. Segregation –KKK Weak in Arizona Arizona Klan burned crosses, wore white-hooded disguises, and brutalized African Americans, Mexican Americans, Catholics, Mormons, and Jews. –Society became segregated and intolerant of ethnic diversity. –Phoenix Built the Phyllis Wheatley Community Center for African American Girl and Boy Scout troops, Elks Clubs, and other groups who were barred from white only facilities. Phoenix Union Colored High School opened in 1926- were in separate classrooms in other high schools.

12 Compare the U.S. to Arizona ProhibitionSegregationTechnology United States Arizona

13 KKK rough draft Essay Please work on your essay. Work quietly and independently. Use your notes. Use your book. Ask me if you have any questions. Requirements 1.DESCRIBING THE RISE OF THE KKK INTO THE 1920S. (History) 2.DESCRIBE THE ROLE OF THE KKK AND OTHER HATE GROUPS TODAY. 3.Explain what you can do to minimize discrimination in your community, town, country, etc. 12 font Double space 1inch margins---top, bottom, sides Titlecreative Give specific examples.

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