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1 Live Long and Prosper with Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration.

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1 1 Live Long and Prosper with Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration

2 2 Computer: Define Vocational Rehabilitation What is Vocational Rehabilitation? How does VR fit into a students transition from high school to adult life? When can a student access VR services, and what services can a student expect to receive before and after high school graduation?

3 3 Computer: Define Independent Living What are Independent Living (IL) Services? What is the purpose of IL? When is it appropriate for a youth/young adult to seek services

4 4 Final Frontier? Transition Planning, Where Do We Go From Here? VR/IL Role Student Role Family Role School Role

5 5 Assembling the Crew: Where does VR fit in? Assistance for transition planning Exploration resources Community resource information Assessments

6 6 Assembling the Crew: Youth Role Getting to know me: the importance of self assessment –New adventures –Learning the ropes

7 7 Assembling the Crew: Family Role Help and encouragement Do you need a space shuttle? How about a little Technology?

8 8 Assembling the Crew: School Role Identify information sources on campus Arrange time for student to access resources What does the information mean? Identify skill sets that need enhancement & include in IEP

9 9 Tools of the Trade Brain Pickers Community & Business Organizations Post Secondary Institutions

10 10 Engage: VR Services Services are individualized, needs based: During HS are mostly related to IPE planning Assessments/evaluations After HS are related to preparing for employment goal Work readiness, training, job placement

11 11 Engage: VR Services Family support for: –Documentation of disability –Meetings with VR counselor –Identification of disability related service needs –Maintaining contact with VR counselor –Keeping appointments with service providers

12 12 Working with The Crew Student must actively participate Student must complete exploration tasks Individual Plan for Employment in place before HS exit

13 13 Supplies for the Voyage RSA Website: Specialized Programs & Services VR Office Near You Links Transition Tips Career Exploration Guide

14 14 Live Long and Prosper Betty Schoen 602-542-07516 Chris Deere

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