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GAMPO Annual Work Session Atlanta, GA 28 June 2013 Jennifer Hibbert Director FTA Office of Planning and Program Development.

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1 GAMPO Annual Work Session Atlanta, GA 28 June 2013 Jennifer Hibbert Director FTA Office of Planning and Program Development

2 Regional Geographic Updates MAP-21 Highlights MAP-21Program Changes Definitional Changes FTA Policy Updates Agenda

3 Georgia FTA Contacts: – UZAs Georgia-Florida Pilot Team – Planning/NEPA » Keith Melton, Community Planner,, – Grant Development & Management » Valencia Williams, Community Planner,, » Tajsha LaShore, Community Planner,, – Engineering/ARRA » Chris White, General Engineer,, » Maggie Sandberg, General Engineer,, – State Programs Team » Robert Buckley – GDOT,, 404-865- 3 UZA Geographic Assignments

4 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21 st Century Act ( MAP -21) Signed into law by President Obama on July 6, 2012 Extends current law (SAFETEA-LU) through September 30, 2012 Goes into full effect October 1, 2012 Authorizes programs for two years, through September 30, 2014

5 MAP -21 Authorized Funding 5

6 Highlights of Program Changes New Safety Authority (5329) State of Good Repair Grants (5337) Asset Management (5326) Bus and Bus Facilities Formula Grants (5339) Public Transportation Emergency Relief (5324) TOD Planning Pilot Grants (20005(b) of MAP-21) Repealed Clean Fuels Grants (5308) Job Access and Reverse Commute (5316) [ JARC ] New Freedom Program (5317) Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in the Parks (5320) Alternatives Analysis (5339) Over-the-Road Bus (Sec. 3038 – TEA-21) Consolidated Urbanized Area Formula Grants (5307) [ JARC ] Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities (5310) [New Freedom] Rural Area Formula Grants (5311)[ JARC, Tribal Transit] Modified Fixed Guideway Capital Investment Grants (5309) Metropolitan and Statewide Planning (5303 & 5304) Research, Development, Demonstration, and Deployment (5312) Technical Assistance and Standards (5314) Human Resources and Training (5322)

7 What MAP -21 Means for Our Grantees Steady and predictable funding Consolidates certain transit programs to improve their efficiency Targeted funding increases particularly for improving the state of good repair New reporting requirements Requires performance measures for SGR, planning, and safety

8 What MAP -21 means for FTA New safety office Less focus on administering discretionary programs Consolidation of formula programs Some new programs Flat funding for FTA operations

9 Focus Areas Safety State of Good Repair Asset Management Streamlining and Program Efficiency Formula and Discretionary Funding

10 Associated Transit Improvements Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System Fixed Guideway Job Access and Reverse Commute Project Definitional Changes

11 Associated Transit Improvements “designed to enhance public transportation service or use and that [is] physically or functionally related to transit facilities.” Changed from “Transit Enhancements” Eligible activities: –Historic preservation, rehab, and operation of historic public transporting facilities –Bus shelters –Landscaping and streetscaping –Pedestrian access and walkways –Bicycle access, signage –Enhanced ADA Access Definitional Changes

12 Fixed Guideway Amended to remove HOV lanes Bus Service operating in HOV lanes still eligible under 5337. New Definition includes any facility for exclusive use of: – transit vehicles, – rail, – fixed catenary system, – passenger ferry system – BRT Definitional Changes

13 Job Access and Reverse Commute Project “Development and Maintenance” – Development: New projects, not in service on 10/1/2012 – Maintenance: Continuation of projects that received funding by 5316 funds under SAFETEA-LU Reverse Commute – Only eligible if they are designed to transport welfare recipients and eligible low-income individuals to and from jobs and employment- related activities. Definitional Changes

14 Transit Agency Representation on MPO Boards Performance Based Planning Metropolitan and Statewide Planning

15 FTA ’ s Policy Updates Joint Development Proposed Circular FY 13 Apportionment Notice released in May, 2013 Table 3(A) Special Rule for Operations in UZAs above 200,000 in population 5307 Split Allocation Letters 5310 DR Selection for UZAs above 200,000 TIGER 5

16 FTA ’ s Policy Updates NEPA Categorical Exclusions Safety Oversight Common TIP comments Alcohol and Control Substances Testing New and Small Starts Guidance

17 FTA MAP-21 Website

18 Jennifer Hibbert Director, Office of Planning and Program Development, 404.865.5632 18 Contact Information

19 Federal Transit Administration

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