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1 FTA UPDATES GAMPO Annual Work Session July 10, 2009.

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1 1 FTA UPDATES GAMPO Annual Work Session July 10, 2009

2 22 FTA UPDATES 1.ARRA – Purpose and Transit Funding 2.ARRA – Status of Georgia Transit Funding and Grants 3.ARRA – Operating Assistance 4.ARRA – Reporting Requirements 5.JARC – NF Lapsing Funds in Georgia 6.FTA Annual Oversight Assessment – Questions for the MPOs

3 3 ARRA: Purpose ARRA designed to stimulate the economy, preserve and create jobs, help state and local faltering economies – Recovery Maintain and create jobs Infuse cash into cash strapped state and local economies – Reinvest Build and repair infrastructure ARRA fundamentals: – Responsibility – Accountability – Transparency FTA must ensure purposes and goals are met

4 44 ARRA Transit Funding ProgramAmountPurpose Urbanized Area Formula (Inc sec 5340) $5.97 BCapital and Operating (10%)* Non-Urbanized Area Formula (Inc sec 5340) $760 MCapital and Operating (10%)* Fixed Guideway Modernization Formula $742 MCapital only New Starts / Small Starts$742 MDiscretionary Capital only Energy Program (TIGGER) [new] $100 MDiscretionary Capital only Tribal Transit$17 MDiscretionary Capital only STP FUNDS MAY BE FLEXED TBD – Flexed to ARRA Formula Programs For Ready to Go ARRA Eligible Transit Projects TOTAL TRANSIT$8.4 B Note: Amounts are after takedown for Administration and Oversight

5 55 Large UZAs (Section 5307) – Atlanta - $87,666,704 – Augusta - $3,318,716* – Chattanooga - $4,672,108* – Columbus - $2,968,483* – Savannah - $4,672,108 Fixed Guideway (Section 5309 FG) – $7,380,854 (MARTA) ARRA Transit Formula Funding - GA

6 6 Rural Funding (Section 5311) – $25,649,675 Small Urbanized Area Funding (Section 5307 – Governor’s Apportionment) – $12,323,977

7 7 ARRA Transit Formula Funding - GA

8 8 ARRA Grant Statistics – GA 11 FTA Grantees / 15 ARRA Grants – 3 Grants in draft; not yet submitted – 4 Grants at DOL – 1 Grant back from DOL; not yet entered release – 4 Awaiting release – 3 Awarded/Obligated

9 9 Recovery Act Projects – GA Vehicle Expansions and Replacements (vans, buses) Facility/Station Construction and Rehabs ITS – Automatic Vehicle Locators and Passenger Information Systems Bus/Facility Security Upgrades Mobility Management – Human Services Transportation Coordination

10 10 ARRA – Operating Assistance Now eligible under ARRA! Up to 10% Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2009 (H.R. 2346) TIP/STIP Modifications and/or Amendments will be necessary Local planning process must be followed Changes that affect transportation air quality conformity determinations require formal TIP/STIP amendment Notify FTA if going to pursue; split letters needed Grant Amendments will be necessary; new scope being added; no NEW money unless the full amount was not obligated in the first application DOL certification required Please wait! If not needed immediately

11 11 ARRA - Reporting Requirements FTA Financial and Milestone Progress Reports – July 10 ARRA Sec.1201(c)(2) DOT – August 16 ARRA Sec. 1512 – October 10 ARRA Sec. 1609

12 12 JARC and New Freedom – GA Lapsing Funds – Awaiting Applications

13 13 Annual Oversight Questionnaire Questions added for MPOs – YES/NO/N/A – Are there any outstanding corrective actions from the last TMA planning review or statewide planning finding that would put continuation of the certification at risk? – Is the metropolitan area's transportation plan, TIP or applicable Long Range Statewide Transportation Plan or Statewide TIP scheduled to expire in the current FY? – In an air quality non-attainment or maintenance area, is there the potential that the conformity determination for the Plan and TIP will lapse? – Is there evidence that the written agreement (or agreements) among the MPO, the State (s) and the public transportation operator (s) serving the metropolitan planning area lacks definition of each party's responsibilities in carrying out the metropolitan planning process? – Has the annual listing of projects been published for the Federal funds that were obligated in the preceding program year (including investments in pedestrian walkways and bicycle transportation facilities) within 90 calendar days following the end of the program year?


15 15 FTA Region IV Contacts Jeffery Anoka – GA Urbanized Areas – –404-865-5633 David Schilling – GDOT – –404-865-5645

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