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Dance Review Basketball Game

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1 Dance Review Basketball Game

2 This dance element uses heavy/light, sharp/smooth, tense/relaxed, and bound/flowing movements

3 In dance, if you are walking, what is your level?

4 What are the 3 purposes of dance?
Ceremonial Artistic Recreational

5 What is the purpose of a dance that expresses emotion, uses self-expression, or tells a story?
Artistic Expression

6 The element of dance that uses locomotor movements, non-locomotor movements, directions, levels, pathways, focus and size is called… Space

7 Accent, rhythmic pattern and duration make up what element of dance?

8 The form of dance that has two separate parts is called…

9 What is the dance called that all N. A
What is the dance called that all N.A. performed before moving to reservations to bring back the dead, the buffalo and to make white people leave? Ghost dance

10 What dance/game was performed by African Americans where they “lay the blanket down”?
Little Johnny Brown

11 Name the three elements of dance
Space Time Force

12 This dance originated in Italy, the terms are French, and the Russians became best known for it. It is a graceful, narrative, artistic dance. Ballet

13 A person who creates a dance competition is called?

14 Straight and curved are examples of what?

15 If a group of people dance to honor ancestors, worship or for rituals, the purpose is what?

16 In this dance, rhythm comes from feet and the purpose is artistic expression.

17 Name 2 early American folk dances.
Square Clogging Minuet, Reels waltz

18 Which dance is a 3 step partner dance that began in Europe, uses the closed position, and later became popular in America. Waltz

19 What is the dance called that was started in midevil times to red the body of poison from a spider bite? Tarentella

20 Forward, backward, sideways and diagonal refer to what?

21 Most Native American and African dances are performed for what purpose?

22 Line, square and ballroom dances are performed for what purpose?

23 What is the official U.S. folk dance?
Square Dance

24 What is the official Kentucky folk dance?

25 The recreational dance that is done with 4 couples and a caller telling the dancers what to do is called what? Square Dance

26 What is the dance that is similar to tap and square dance an is done in Eastern Kentucky.

27 When one person or group does a movement sequence and then another person or group responds, what is the form of the dance? Call and Response

28 A three part movement phrase where the first phrase is repeated after the second phrase is which form of dance? ABA

29 The form of dance that tells a story is called…

30 Examples of this type of movement are bend, twist, stretch, swing.

31 The ____ is where the audience or dancer’s eye is drawn.

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