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Making a robot??Yes you can! Brought to you by Christophe Scicluna Join Afrobot 2012 at.

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1 Making a robot??Yes you can! Brought to you by Christophe Scicluna Join Afrobot 2012 at

2 So, did you say robot? Yes, they are robots but…

3 …this is a robot too Its name is ALDO

4 X-Ray of ALDO Motor#1 Motor#2 Caster Wheel ALDO can : Move forward Move backward Turn left Turn right Platform

5 But how to control ALDO? With a remote control… …with wires connected to the motors

6 And how to build the remote? It might look like that… But the design (and wiring) is up to you, to make the robot move Microswitch Push Button Connector to Robot Mutiple wires cable Power supply connector

7 And…thats all?? Well, its a minimum! But the secret ingredients for success are: ImaginationMotivation

8 Where to start from? From Afrobot 2012s rules Feel the spirit of the competition Understand the strategy to adopt Design your robot accordingly

9 What material do I need? For a basic robot… …this is a minimum

10 QtyDescription 2 Geared motor, DC, 6V…12V, ~ 0.5 Amp between 200 and 300 rpm 2Wheel – that fits in the shaft of the geared motor 1Wheel caster or ball caster – large or small 1 10-wires cable (or set of 10 wires/ ribbon cable) about 3 to 4 meters long 1 Set of Male+Female connectors for the wires (DB9 works well – crimp type requires no soldering with ribbon cable) ALDO: a typical list of material (1/2)

11 ALDO: a typical list of material (2/2) QtyDescription 1On/Off switch 2Push button 3 miniature snap action switch (microswitch) type SPDT with a hinge 1 Plastic box for the remote control Better if if fits well in hands 1 Set of electric wires for connections inside the remote control 1Thick cardboard board 1 Adjustable AC/DC transformer 6…12V / 1Amp minimum 1 Male (or Female) socket connectors (to match power supply plug from transformer)

12 More than ALDO? For a robot with more features A simple gearbox kit, to perform an additional action (like kicking a ball…) Motor and gear box in kit form Article number : 224.105 A more complex gearbox to get more precision, efficiency… High power gearbox High speed gearbox Construction blocks

13 More than ALDO? QtyDescription 2Gearbox xxGears, wheels… xxScrews, Bolts, nuts, washers… xxLEDs, buzzer, lights…. xxAA batteries…. Metal, PVC, wood… Skewer sticks…

14 Workshop: tools and consumable QtyDescription 2Stanley/Carpet knife 1Digital multimeter – to check current continuity, voltage… 1Soldering iron + holder 1Reel of soldering tin (with flux inside) 1Glue gun + glue sticks 1Toolbox (flat nose pliers, side cutter, long nose pliers, tweezers…) 1Set of jewelers screwdrivers 1Set of gimlets 1Wire striper 1pack of small cable ties Stationery (paper clips, split pins, string, rubber bands, rulers, cissors, sellotape, packing tape, pen, pencil, …) ….anything you would need for decoration…

15 Where to shop? Examples A good electronics shopA hardware shop OnlineRecycle material... NamePurposeContact Mantech electronicGeared motors, microswitches… RS componentsAlmost everything youd need! Fort 777Electronics part retailer, CPT SpectronElectronics part retailer, JNB Hi-q electronicsElectronics distributor Opitec UKHobby/technical/pedagogic items Conrad electronicsElectronics part retailer, France A hobby shopA car shop

16 Other useful links (source of inspiration…)

17 Resource centers overview overview ppt/s3460 ppt/s3460

18 Video French Trophées de Robotique – – – 9B5D680A 9B5D680A – aux-trophees-de-ro_news aux-trophees-de-ro_news – angers_sport angers_sport – Eurobot and Eurobot Junior (In English) – –

19 News – Questions - Answers Join! and share Afrobot is on Facebook

20 Is it difficult to make a robot? Certainly….not! Try, expertiment, test Smart simple solutions are usually better than high tech! ALDO can testify!

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