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3.Life(!) as a slave. Made by:Ylberina Qorri

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1 3.Life(!) as a slave. Made by:Ylberina Qorri
Course: American civilization Instructor:Francesko Bigagli

2 The life as a slave was very difficult
The life as a slave was very difficult. Here are some things that were in slave’s life: Clothing: Food: Childhood: Families: Punishments: Religion: House slaves:

3 House and fields slave:
Life for slave was very different depending on whether they were a fields slave or a house slave. They are different in many ways, like: Field Slaves- worked in the fields from sunrise to sunset, and harvest time they toiled 18 h a day. Woman worked the same hours as the men, and pregnant field slaves were expected to continue until their child was born. House Slaves- usually lived more comfortable than field slaves ,they usually had better food and were sometimes given the family's used clothing .Even though it was illegal, some house slaves were educated by the woman in the family, but sometimes house slave were treated like master’s child.

4 What would happen if slaves were caught trying to escape?
They would either be taken back to their owner, and the owner would most likely torture them to death, to get a beating or the person who caught them would kill them on the spot. Why did the slaves run away? Because they weren't paid for their labor and they where taken against their own will from their home.

5 Did they have any rights?
No they did not have any rights , they only had masters. But in some cases in which slaves were treated with more kindness and respect, but they were still slaves and had no right to vote or any other rights not “given”to them by whites people. Not everyone thinks that slavery is wrong. Some people still think that AFRICAN-AMERICAN are less of people then whites are and believe that it is not wrong to enslave “black people” Did most people think slavery was wrong? When were slaves allowed to get their freedom? Starting in 1865 with Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation

When we hear the word SLAVERY we think of buying and selling of people that ended in the 1800’s, but slavery still exists today. Today it is men, women and children that are forced to live and work as slaves. Slavery today is not as bad as it was back in the 1800’s, but it is still a problem. For instance, kids in India as young as five years old are kidnapped and forced to work making rugs. In Pakistan there are over 200 million slaves, 7, 500 have been freed since 1995. Slavery exists today, but it is banned in most countries. It was also make illegal by the 1948 Universal Human Rights Proclamation by the United Nations. Some things that happen to slaves today are: Women and girls are forced to get married or sold as gifts. People are forced to work under the threat of violence. There are many organizations that are working to stop slavery. One of these organizations is


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