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Librarianship as a Profession: Trends and Issues

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1 Librarianship as a Profession: Trends and Issues
Mrs. Susima L. Gonzales President, PLAI

2 Introduction Definition
Profession - a calling requiring specialize knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation; - a type of occupation that meet certain criteria that raised it to the level above that of an occupation ; - a complex organized occupation requiring a longtime training program.

3 Criteria of a profession
A Profession utilizes in its practice a well-defined and well organized body of specialized knowledge which is on intellectual level of learning; A Profession constantly enlarges the body of knowledge by the use of scientific method; A Profession entrusts the education of its practitioner to institutions of higher learning; A Profession applies its body of knowledge in practical services, which is vital to human and social functions. A Profession functions autonomously (with authority) in the formulation of professional policy; and in the control of professional activity thereby monitoring its practice and practitioners;

4 Criteria of a Profession
A Profession is guided by a code of ethics that regulates the relationship between professional and the client; A Profession is distinguished by the presence of specific cultures, norms and values; A Profession has a clear standard of education preparation for entry into a profession; A Profession attracts individuals of intellectual and personal qualities who exact services above personal gains and who recognize their chosen profession as a life’s work. A Profession strives to compensate its practitioners by providing for action and opportunity for continuous professional growth and economic security.

5 Attributes of a Profession
Possession of skill based or theoretical knowledge; Provisions of training education; Testing and competence of its members; Formation of an organization; Adherence to a code of ethics; Provision of altruistic service.

6 Issues and Trends Continuing professional development; Code of Ethics
Membership to Professional Association Status and Image Gender Issues Lack of Licensed Librarian Property accountability Exodus of Librarians

7 Continuing professional development
Programs & providers not accredited Overlapping schedule of activities Legal Basis Executive Order No. 220 – Declaring the adoption of the Code of Good Governance for the profession in the Philippines. P.R.C. Res. No – 179. Standardized guidelines and procedures for the implementation of CPE for all Professions – Voluntary compliance Sec. 9 of R.A.8981 – Power, functions and responsibilities of the various PRC’s

8 Continuing professional development
Senate Deliberation of the Committee on Civil Service & Good Reorganization on Senate Bill 2579 May 5, 2003 Sec. 9 of R.A – Powers, Functions and duties of the Board PRB for Librarians. Res. 08, sec – Creating CPE Council for Librarians Draft Guidelines of Council submitted to the Board PLAI to adopt measure similar to NAEB

9 Code of Ethics Art.4.2 of BFL Res. No. 6 series of 2006.
Librarians shall keep in confidence, information acquired in the course of professional service

10 Membership to Professional Organization Benefits
Up-to-date information about the profession by way of journal, publications and newsletter. Educational programs through conferences, workshops, special lectures – continued educational offering. An avenue for having a voice by way of policy checking. Agenda setting for the future of librarianship education, practice and research. Standards of excellence for librarianship education practice and research.

11 Status and Image Low salary – causes low status
Poor image – a female image has a negative effect on the status of an occupation Dull image – characteristics of a librarian, dull, strict Low Expectations – users of libraries have low expectations from the quality service of a librarian Invisibility – librarians position is largely invisible. Public has no idea of what a librarian actually does. Economics – libraries contribute little if any to the economic growth of the country Quality of the service – users generally have almost had no idea about the kind of services that the librarian provide nor about the quality of service they render.

12 Gender Issues Expanding number of male entering the profession
Increase in the enrollment, results of the Board exams, top level executive positions in government remain dominantly male.

13 Lack of Licensed Librarian
Registration without examination – a number of incumbent librarian failed to avail Sec. 19 of R.A – set the time limit within which to apply Grand Father Clause BFL Res. 07 s. 1999 BFL Res. 03 s. 2003

14 Property Accountability
Sec.112 – Two levels of Responsibility. Primary – Head of the agency immediately responsible for all government funds & property. Secondary – persons entrusted with the possession or custody of funds property under the agency. COA Circular B- Chief Librarians is accountable for all library books and materials. A burden to government librarians

15 Property Accountability
P.D Sec.2 – Government Auditing Code of the Philippines. Sec. 2 – It is the policy of state that all resources of the government shall be managed, expanded and utilized in accordance with laws and regulation and safeguarded against loss and wastage through illegal or improper disposition. Responsibility to take care of such property rests directly on the head of the agency

16 Aspects of work relative to Property Accountability.
Recording – Librarian prepares requisition and purchase order, memo receipts and donations. Inventory – Vol. II Sec. 511 – National Accounting and Auditing manual (NAAM) Frequency – every six months or annually transfer, promotion / retirement. Inventory Committee – Retirement Composition – one representative from each office, accounting, supply, COA and the representative from the library preferably the one who will assume the accountability. Regular – to determine losses

17 Aspects of work relative to Property Accountability
Insurance – COA Circular 77-42B Basis for premium GSIS – Property Insurance Dept Coverage Retirement and sale of books Relief from accountability Filing of bill

18 Exodus of Librarians Lower salary/benefits
Sec. 28 of R.A – Foreign Reciprocity Measures/Options to be taken to lessen

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