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Why Do We Write? P.I.E.D.

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1 Why Do We Write? P.I.E.D

2 Persuade Some people write to persuade.
To persuade means to convince someone either to do something, believe something, or buy something. Can you think of places where we see persuasive writing? People who write commercials, billboard ads, etc, write to persuade.

3 Inform When we learn facts about something, we are writing to inform.
Expository writing explains why or how. Facts and details are included in an informational piece. The non-fiction informational book you are reading is written to inform. What have you learned about your topic?

4 Entertain When we write stories, we write to entertain.
Narrative writing is entertaining writing. Fictional stories are usually written to entertain. What has been your most entertaining book? Why?

5 Describe Writers something want to describe something.
They can describe a person, place, or object. Using your 5 senses, helps describe things in detail. Can you describe an autumn day?

6 6 Traits Even though we write for many different purposes, we use 6 traits in ALL our writing. We use Ideas Organization has a beginning, middle, and end. Strong word choice is essential! Sentence Fluency makes your writing easy to read. Voice is your personality Conventions is critical so we can understand what you are trying to say.

7 As You Can See… We all write for many different reasons.
We write to persuade, inform, entertain, and describe. Whatever the purpose, we need to have… Great ideas, organization, great word choice, voice, sentence fluency, and conventions. (spelling, grammar, etc.) Now let’s start writing!!!!!

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