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GooLearning In a Management Information System Course Prof. Dr. Srisakdi Charmonman Chairman of the Board CEO of the.

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1 GooLearning In a Management Information System Course Prof. Dr. Srisakdi Charmonman Chairman of the Board CEO of the College of Internet Distance Education Assumption University of Thailand Keynote Address. The Sixth International Conference on eLearning for Knowledge-Based Society eLearning, mLearning and uLearning, December 17-18, 2009 at Srisakdi Charmonman IT Center, Assumption University, Suvarnabhumi Campus, Thailand.

2 1.Introduction. 2.Simple Form of GooLearning. 3.Google for Term Project. 4.Project Presentation. 2 GooLearning In a Management Information System Course.

3 5.Webinar. 6.Open-Google Examination. 7.Google-Searching with Image Rather Than Words. 8.Google Wave. 9.Concluding Remarks. 3 GooLearning In a Management Information System Course.

4 4 1. Introduction. eLearning in Thailand start in the year 2002 when the author drafted the first eLearning law in Thailand to allow all universities to offer complete degree program in the eLearning mode.

5 5 Introduction (Cont.) In the year 2002, the author convinced the Board of Trustees of Assumption University of Thailand to establish the College of Internet Distance Education (CIDE) with the author as the Chairman of the Executive Board and the Chief Executive Officer.

6 6 Introduction (Cont.) The College is a semi- autonomous organization in the university and run by the executives with the titles similar to those in business.

7 7 Introduction (Cont.) The positions in the College: -Chief Executive Officer (CEO) -Chief Academic Officer (CAO) -Chief Operating Officer (COO) -Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

8 8 Introduction (Cont.) The College is housed at Srisakdi Charmonman IT Center with 12 floors of 1,000 square meters per floor. The building and equipment valued at about 15 US$ million.

9 9 Srisakdi Charmonman IT Center.

10 10 Introduction (Cont.) For 3 years (2002 to 2005), the author: -lobbied 5 Ministers of the Cabinet. -sent many letters to the Prime Minister. -in his capacity as Chairman of the eASEAN Business Council, convinced 10 Ministers of ASEAN to endorse eLearning.

11 11 Introduction (Cont.) The author was successful in getting the decree published in the Royal Garzette in October 2005. In January 2006, Assumption University became the first university in Thailand to offer a complete eLearning degree program. That program was Master of Science in Management, with the author as the Program Director.

12 12 Introduction (Cont.) With the popularity of mobile phones, eLearning has been extended to mLearning by replacing the computers with the mobile phones and modifications of courseware.

13 13 Introduction (Cont.) eLearningmLearning uLearning

14 14 Definitions of eLearning from the Sloan Consortium eLearning is learning in which 80 – 100% of the learning activities are carried out thru the Internet.

15 15 Two Types of eLearning Instructors. eLearning Subject (Content) Expert Facilitation Instructor

16 16 Introduction (Cont.) The Subject Expert is in charge of: - Proposing the Coursewares. -Proposing Learning Activities. -Submit Them to the Committee.

17 17 Introduction (Cont.) The committee includes: -Subject Expert- Instructional Designer -Web Designer- Web Programmer -Graphic Designer- Graphic Programmer -Video Editor- Audio Editor -Project Coordinator

18 18 Introduction (Cont.) At the opening of the discovery learning library at Lumpini Park, HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has said that if you would like to have any knowledge, you could ask Professor Goo or Google.

19 19 HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Graciously Opened the Discovery Learning Library at Lumpini Park

20 20 Introduction (Cont.) The author modified his Management Information Systems (MIS) course to be based on acquiring knowledge from Google and called it gooLearning.

21 21 2. Simple Form of GooLearning. The MIS course covers 15 weeks, each week with 3 hours. In the first hour, the author hands out: -Course Description. -Course Activities. -Guidelines for Knowledge Acquisition. -Related Materials.

22 22 The authors MIS course. 30% 40% 15% 5% 10%

23 23 Simple Form of GooLearning (Cont.) Searching Charmonman TV Program form Google and found it at the first entry.

24 24 Searching Charmonman TV Program

25 25 Simple Form of GooLearning (Cont.) Clicking further toTV Program: Management Information Systems (MIS), there is a list of 42 TV clips each with about one hour.

26 26 TV Program: Management Information Systems (MIS)

27 27 Simple Form of GooLearning (Cont.) The 42 TV lectures are equal to the 45 hours less three hours for the final examination.

28 28 1) Overview of MIS 2) Information Systems and the Internet 3) Searching for Information from the Internet 4) Dot Com Companies 5) Payment Systems for Dot Com 6) Intranet in Organizations 7) Why Information Systems? List of 42 TV Lectures

29 29 8)New Opportunities with Information Systems 9)Types of IS in Organizations 10) Applications of IS 11) Impacts of IS to Organizations 12) Impacts of IS on Decision Making 13) eCommerce 14) eBusiness List of 42 TV Lectures (Cont.)

30 30 15)Moral in IS 16)Ethics in IS 17)Privacy and IS 18)IT Infrastructure 19)Hardware 20)Software 21)File Organization List of 42 TV Lectures (Cont.)

31 31 22)Database Development and Trend 23)Telecommunications 24)Internet Technology and Services 25)Wireless Network 26)mCommerce 27)Vulnerability in IS 28)Searching and Privacy in IS List of 42 TV Lectures (Cont.)

32 32 29)Technology and Tools for Security 30)Organization-wide IS 31)Supply Chain Management 32)Customer Relationship Management 33)Knowledge Management 34)Artificial Intelligence 35)Decision Support Systems List of 42 TV Lectures (Cont.)

33 33 36)Executive Support Systems 37)Planning of IS 38)Development of IS 39)Value of MIS 40)Factors for Successful IS 41)International IS 42)Organization of International IS List of 42 TV Lectures (Cont.)

34 In each weekly period of three hours, students are given topics to be covered. Each and all students are instructed to search Google for information about the topic. 34 Simple Form of GooLearning (Cont.)

35 For example, the first topic is Management Information System. Searchingdefine: management information systems from Google, 3 entries were found. 35 Simple Form of GooLearning (Cont.)

36 36 Define: Management Information Systems

37 Three students are assigned to scan each of the three entries. If there are terms not clear in the explanation, Google is again used to acquire information about them. 37 Simple Form of GooLearning (Cont.)

38 The next step would be to remove the word define:, i.e. searching only formanagement information systems, over 200,000 entries were found. 38 Simple Form of GooLearning (Cont.)

39 39 Searching Management Information Systems

40 Assigning students to read all of those 200,000 entries would be a big waste of time. So, students may be asked to vote for 4-5 entries to be investigated. 40 Simple Form of GooLearning (Cont.)

41 The first example may be a PDF file on handbook on management information systems from the US government at It may be assigned to a student to quickly scan and summarize it to the class. 41 Simple Form of GooLearning (Cont.)

42 The second example may beManagement information systems explained from the UK, k to be assigned to the second student. 42 Simple Form of GooLearning (Cont.)

43 The third example may be the journal of management information systems at to be assigned to the third student. 43 Simple Form of GooLearning (Cont.)

44 The instructor has to acquire knowledge before meeting with the class in order to make sure that the class would not wander around without covering what should be covered in that period according to the schedule of classes. 44 Simple Form of GooLearning (Cont.)

45 45 In addition to topics to be covered in the 15 periods of the 3- credit course, knowledge acquisition for the term project could and should be done by use of Google. 3. Google for Term Project.

46 46 The instructor may demonstrate to the students how to search Google for all the knowledge or most of the knowledge to be supplemented from other sources. Google for Term Project (Cont.)

47 47 Google for Term Project (Cont.) Searching Google for Term Project, 118 millions entries were found. A very interesting entry isYour Name the Term Project- Can Do It.

48 48 Searching Google for Term Project.

49 49 Google for Term Project (Cont.) For a price, the web claims to be able to provide student with: - Research and Academic Source Material. -Composing Tests. -Necessary Visual Component. or Graphics for the Term Project. -Editing and Rewriting. -Originality.

50 50 Google for Term Project (Cont.) They claim that every term project they complete is 100% original and free of plagiarism.

51 51 Google for Term Project (Cont.) In the classes the author has been teaching, he emphasizes to students that if a student uses the service of or similar organizations, that student would be dismissed from the University.

52 52 Google for Term Project (Cont.) The final result of a term project is the project report. Student should search something like Project Report from Google which give 196 million entries.

53 53 Searching Project Report in Google with 196 million Entries.

54 54 Google for Term Project (Cont.) Clicking project report template, 18.3 million entries were found. Students should consult the professor which entries are acceptable.

55 55 After the project report has been prepared, each group of 2-3 students has to present the project. The student could search Google for Project Presentation, 98.9 million entries were found. 4. Project Presentation.

56 56 Searching Project Presentation in Google with 98.9 million Entries.

57 57 For example, if the first entry is clicked, detail of a software for presentation is found. Project Presentation (Cont.)

58 58 Easy Presentation Software.

59 59 The MIS course requires students to attend three webinars, about one per month. Searching Google forWebinar Management Information Systems 663,000 entries were found. The instructor may find a free webinar each month for students to attend and write a short report on it. 5. Webinar.

60 60 Alternately, the instruction may download free webinar software and invite a local expert to conduct the webinar. An example of a free software is Dimdim Webinar which may be on free trial for 30 days and later, 69 US$ per month. Webinar (Cont.)

61 61 A Webinar Software.

62 62 Similar to Open-Book Examination in which students are allowed to bring any number of books to the examination room. Open-Google Examination allows students to have access to Google during the three-hour examination. 6. Open-Google Examination.

63 63 In Thailand, examination has to be proctored. The College of Internet Distance Education of Assumption University of Thailand has been arranging proctored examination for student in many countries. Open-Google Examination (Cont.)

64 64 A proctor arranged by the College may be a member of the Thai embassy or an instructor at the local educational institution. The student has to pay the proctor according to the rate established by the College. Open-Google Examination (Cont.)

65 65 Open-Google Examination (Cont.) The proctors duties include: -Checking that the student is the one who registered for the course. -Checking that the student dose not use the Internet to get someone else to answer the examination questions for him. -enforce the 3 hours limit for the period of the exam.

66 66 When the student is ready to hand in the examination answers, the proctor ensures that the name and students ID are included with the answers that the student hands in. Open-Google Examination (Cont.)

67 67 Similar to Open-Book Exam in which the questions do not explicitly appear in the books,Open-Google Exam should not have question explicitly in Google. The question should be of applied or analysis nature. Open-Google Examination (Cont.)

68 68 Google has been announcing new services from time to time and they may be used in GooLearning. 7. Google-Searching with Image Rather Than Words.

69 69 An example is Google Goggles which was announcement on December 8, 2009. In the earlier search of Google, key words were used. Google-Searching with Image (Cont.)

70 70 In Google Goggles, instead of words, users can use photograph, work of art or logo. Google Goggles is available for free download onto mobile phone with the Android operating system. Google-Searching with Image (Cont.)

71 71 A user can focus his mobile phone camera on an object or a landmark. Then Google Goggles would try to match the image with tens of millions of images in its databases. Hopefully, the service will be available for use on notebooks and desktop computers later. Google-Searching with Image (Cont.)

72 8. Google Wave. 72 At Google I/O Conference on May 27, 2009, Google announced Google Personal Communication and Collaboration Tool called Google Wave.

73 Google Wave (Cont.) 73 Google Wave: -Web-based Service. -Computing Platform. -Communications Protocol.

74 Google Wave (Cont.) 74 Google Wave merge: -eMail. -Instant Messaging. -Wikis. -Social Network.

75 Google Wave (Cont.) 75 Google Wave can be used in gooLearning.

76 8. Concluding Remarks. 76 The main advantage of GooLearning is that students do not have to buy textbooks. Almost all kinds of information can be found by searching Google. GooLearning could be done in the classroom mode or the eLearning mode.

77 Concluding Remarks (Cont.) 77 This paper presented gooLearning as an alternative to: -Classical Classroom Learning. -eLearning. -mLearning. -uLearning.

78 Concluding Remarks (Cont.) 78 The tools and techniques of gooLearning will probably be improved from time to time.


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