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AP Biology 2012-13 Course Structure The Test Expectations.

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1 AP Biology 2012-13 Course Structure The Test Expectations

2 About AP Biology The AP Biology course is designed to enable you to develop advanced inquiry and reasoning skills, such as designing a plan for collecting data, analyzing data, applying mathematical routines, and connecting concepts in and across domains. The result will be readiness for the study of advanced topics in subsequent college courses... This AP Biology course is equivalent to a two- semester college introductory biology course.

3 Evolution The process of evolution drives the diversity and unity of life. Cellular Processes: Energy and Communication Biological systems utilize free energy and molecular building blocks to grow, to reproduce, and to maintain dynamic homeostasis. Genetics and Information Transfer Living systems store, retrieve, transmit, and respond to information essential to life processes. Interactions Biological systems interact, and these systems and their interactions possess complex properties.

4 Practical Schedule First Semester Molecules & Cells (~9 weeks) Heredity and Evolution (~9 weeks) Second Semester Diversity of Organisms (~4 weeks) Structure and Function of Plants & Animals (~10 weeks) Ecology (~2 weeks)

5 The AP Exam Exam is Monday, May 13 th. (Mark it on your calendars!) The exam is 3 hours long and includes both a 90-minute multiple choice section and a 90- minute free-response section. The multiple- choice section accounts for half of the students exam grade, and the free-response section accounts for the other half. Yes, it is a 3 hour exam... A good score could = college credit = savings of hundreds of $$$

6 The AP Exam This exam is what separates this course from a Bio II. If you have taken other AP courses (English, Chem, etc.) then you will have a better idea of what to expect. Because of the importance of the exam, we will practice it throughout the course of the year. Each of your chapter/unit tests will be structured similarly to the AP exam. You will take at least 2 full-length practice exams.

7 AP Expectations College Level Course = College Level Expectations The pacing of this course is fast. The amount of material covered is vast. Stay caught up! Come to class. Pay attention in class. READ!!!!!!!!!!! Do the assignments (online and paper). Ask for help!!!!! I'm not your babysitter. You're not in my sophomore biomed class. I am not going to hold your hand. With that said, ASK FOR HELP!!!!!! Also, this is a really fun course. Don't be scared.

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