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The Cal Lutheran Parent and FERPA New Student Orientation 2007.

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1 The Cal Lutheran Parent and FERPA New Student Orientation 2007

2 What is FERPA? Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (1974) –Also known as the Buckley Amendment Federal Law which prohibits universities from disclosing student educational records/ information to anyone but the student. In GENERAL, CLU must have written permission from the student before releasing information from the student’s record. No one is exempt from the rules of FERPA.

3 Why this presentation? To provide an opportunity to discuss policies. To educate parents on protecting their student’s privacy. To explain how parents can receive the information they need.

4 FERPA Gives Students Five Rights The right to inspect and review educational records. The right to seek the amendment of educational records. The right to consent to the disclosure of educational records. The right to obtain a copy of CLU’s FERPA policy. The right to file a complaint with the FERPA Office in Washington D.C.

5 Educational Records Include: –Demographic Information –Admissions Records –Grades –Class Schedules Printed Class Lists –Graded Test Papers –Attendance to Classes –Judicial Outcomes –Room Assignments Educational Records Do Not Include: –Records of public safety office which are maintained for law enforcement purposes. –General Directory Information –NCAA Statistics What is an Educational Record? Any information that is maintained by an institution which directly relates to a student.

6 Wait a minute…I’m paying for this? Parents Rights –When a student reaches the age of 18 OR begins attending a postsecondary institution regardless of age, FERPA rights transfer to the student. Therefore, parents may only obtain educational records information under the following circumstances: The parent provided documentation certifying that the student is a legal dependant, 25 years or younger OR The student signs a consent form.

7 FERPA & Academic Affairs A standardized form is not available for the release of academic information. Although academics are the sole responsibility of the student, we are happy to work with family members to best serve the needs of the student. Faculty cannot distribute student information regarding academic progress, attendance and grades.

8 FERPA & Residence Life A customized form is available for the release of residential information. The Residence Life office is prohibited from releasing information regarding: Room Assignments Personal Information Phone Numbers Roommate Conflicts A student Resident Assistant is a CLU employee and must also adhere to FERPA.

9 FERPA & Judicial Affairs The office of Judicial Affairs cannot release information to parents regarding: Incident Reports Outcomes of Judicial Hearings Sanctions assigned as a result of a violation In a situation where the student’s health, safety, or well being has been compromised, Judicial Affairs has the right to inform parents. These situations include: –2 nd alcohol violation for a student under 21. –1 st drug violation for a student under 21. –Violation of policy that compromised the health and safety of the student or others.

10 FERPA & Peer Advisors Peer Advisors have limited information about students, as they are not considered university employees and therefore are only given access to necessary information for their role on campus. In general, Peer Advisors will only share general information about the university and general student situations, rather than the specifics of an incident involving your student.

11 FERPA & Student Accounts A standardized form is available for the release of account and financial aid information. The Student Accounts office and Financial Aid office will not release information without a signed form and strongly encourage the students to do so.

12 FERPA & HIPAA Students may sign a Release of Information form that will allow Health Services to speak with parents regarding their health care. The form is available at Health Services. Due to patient privacy laws and HIPAA, Health Services are not able to give information about whether your students made an appointment. They are unable to discuss your student’s visit or health problems with anyone, including parents, without the student’s consent.

13 What is my student learning about FERPA? Students are being asked to review and sign the Student Account Release of Information Form. They are learning of their rights under FERPA. They are being asked to initiate a conversation with their parents about the dissemination of information.

14 Don’t forget these important ideas! Don’t forget that you can call us to inform us of your concerns. This is a great conversation to start with your students. If the student requests that no information is released, NO Information will be released.

15 Questions About FERPA: Questions regarding FERPA at CLU: Questions concerning individual offices should be addressed to those respected offices.

16 Cal Lutheran Parent Panel Parent Orientation 2007

17 Your CLU Parent Panel Damien Peña Senior Director of Academic Programs Mitzi Ward Associate Director of Alumni & Parent Relations Chris Paul Associate Director of Student Life Elena Jaloma Assistant Director of Financial Aid Pennie Murray Manager Student Accounts Receivable Linda Hudson Parent Volunteer Sigi Helgeson Parent Volunteer

18 Please Remember All this information is available at the CLU Parent Web site. Your questions are welcomed during orientation and throughout your students’ academic journey at CLU.

19 Thank You & Welcome to CLU

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