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Maureen Cronin Associate Registrar for DARS University of Nevada, Reno.

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1 Maureen Cronin Associate Registrar for DARS University of Nevada, Reno

2  FERPA is sometimes called the Buckley Amendment. Passed by Congress in 1974, the Act grants four specific rights to the adult student: 1.The right to see the information that the institution is keeping on the student. 2.The right to seek amendment to those records and in certain cases append a statement to the record. 3.The right to consent to disclosure of his/her records. 4.The right to file a complaint with the FERPA Office in Washington. The institution annually notifies students of their privacy rights in the catalog.catalog

3  Just about any information provided by a student to the university for use in the educational process is considered a student educational record: ◦ Personal information. ◦ Enrollment records. ◦ Grades. ◦ Schedules.

4  The storage media in which you find this information does not matter. Student educational record may be: ◦ A document in the registrar’s office. ◦ A computer printout in your office. ◦ A class list on your desktop. ◦ A computer display screen. ◦ Notes you have taken during an advisement session.

5  Are made by one person as an individual observation or recollection, are kept in the possession of the maker, and are only shared with a temporary substitute. ◦ Sole possession has always been narrowly defined. ◦ Sharing notes with another person or putting them in a place where others have access makes them an educational record. ◦ If you don’t want it to be reviewed, don’t write it down.

6  Sole possession records that are kept in the sole possession of the creator.  Law enforcement unit records.  Employment records.  Medical records.  Post-attendance records.

7  Student educational records are considered confidential and may not be released without the written consent of the student.  As a faculty or staff member you have a responsibility to protect educational records in your possession.

8  Some information is considered directory information. This info can be released without the student’s written permission. However, the student may opt to consider this information private as well. So while directory information is generally considered to be: ◦ name, address, email address, phone, dates of attendance, degrees received, major program, height/weight of student athletes, enrollment status, campus, school, college, division, class standing, and awards…

9  That you DO NOT release ANY information to ANY third party.  Instead refer requests for directory information to our office, 784-4700.

10  You have access to information only for legitimate use in the completion of your responsibilities as a university employee.

11  Do NOT at any time use the Social Security Number or university ID number of a student in a public posting of grades.  Never link the name of a student with that student’s SSN or university ID in any public manner.

12  Never leave graded tests in a stack for students to pick up. Ask students to provide a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of graded work.  Never discuss the progress of any student with anyone other than the student (including parents) without the consent of the student.

13  Never provide anyone with lists of students enrolled in your classes for any commercial purpose.  Never provide student schedules or assist anyone other than university employees with finding a student on campus.

14  Do not send confidential information (grades) via email. It is not considered secure. ◦ Grades are posted and available on ePAWS not more than 48 hours after they are received in the Office of Admissions and Records.

15  Are available to the instructor of record for each course.  Provide name, ID, NetID, credits, standing, major, section, phone number, email address.  Student name links to class schedule and ID photo.  Information can be exported to Excel.  Link to mid-term progress report on the left.  Functionality to email selected individuals or the entire class.

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