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AP Studio Art Teacher - Jeannette Clawson

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1 AP Studio Art Teacher - Jeannette Clawson
Radial Design AP Studio Art Teacher - Jeannette Clawson

2 Definition Radial Design 1. spreading from center outward
spreading out from a common center like the spokes of a wheel 2. of radius relating to a radius, especially moving along a radius 3. with body parts in circular arrangement zoology used to describe the arrangement of the bodies of invertebrate ocean animals such as the starfish and sea anemone in which parts spread out from a single center Design 1. Create detailed plan of something to make a detailed plan of the form or structure of something, emphasizing features such as its appearance, convenience, and efficient functioning 2. Plan and make something to plan and make something in a skillful or artistic way

3 Radial Symmetry in Nature

4 Bilateral and Radial Symmetry

5 Passion Flower at Nilliske’s Photostream on Flickr

6 Snowflakes These snowflake photos were taken by Kenneth Libbrecht of CalTech, using a specially-designed snowflake photomicroscope. They show real snow crystals that fell to earth in northern Ontario, Alaska, Vermont, the Michigan Upper Peninsula, and the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. This snowflake has fernlike stellar dendrites - the branches of the stellar crystals have so many side branches that they look like ferns. These are the largest snow crystals, often falling to earth with diameters of 5mm or more. Despite their large size, these are single crystals of ice - the water molecules are lined up from one end to the other.

7 My First Conch Find! Posted by HurleyGurley of flickr Image lit with an LED

8 Radial Symmetry in Graphic Design

9 This fluid black and white design appears on iStockphoto.
A similar stylized design would be a great AP 2D art piece. As is, this would not be suitable for the AP Drawing Portfolio. The 2D portfolio is focused mainly on the principles of design. The AP Drawing portfolio focuses on mark-making and direct observation. It could be done by hand, using careful measurements to divide the pie slices. Then, a template, tracing paper, or light box to accurately repeat the design.

10 Created in a software program called Kaleidoscope Kreator from original photographs.
This is a 10 piece pie made up of mirror images. Think of pizza slices. A single images flip-flops as it is accurately reproduced, forming the complete circle.

11 Radial Background Design
by 123 Free Vectors Warm Colors Concentric circles A sexy silhouette Strong graphic How would you rate the piece for artistic voice and verve?

12 Singleton Hippie Art “A technicolor night draped in never seen before colors... Magic laughter, the new music, playing to our souls... And in the morning, this... a psychedelic sunrise... painted on a universal sky” 11 by 11 collage on card stock. Skyground is watercolors and markers. Sunrise face markers and ink. Cheeks are snippets of abandoned original work. Suns rays are from a print of original works.

13 I-Ching Yin-Yang Radial Patterning
These images are from the Planetary Art Network's discourse on the relationship between the Genetic Code, the Law of Time, and the I-Ching What does it remind you of? Could you borrow part of this idea and rework it to become your own?

14 Photographs of Radial Compositions

15 Summer Peace posted by just give me peace on Flickr
“Dip, Slip, Trip, Fall or Stumble Race, Run, Walk or Roll Doesn't matter how you got here Here is where you are meant to be and here, you can find peace...” 

16 Colored pencils from
AP 2D Photographers Please strongly consider creating your own radial design, lighting it, and photographing it. Play with the location of the focal point. Unusual objects will have the most artistic voice. Wander through the grocery store or the dollar store to discover multiple objects for little investment. Pay attention to the details in the composition. The background color can make a huge difference. Can you make some type of commentary with your selected subject?

17 Radial Composition with human figure
Radial Composition with human figure. Notice the images are not exactly the same.

18 Lemons Mary Meyer cast wax, acrylic paint, wood
“The formal elements of dissection and balance often emerge in my imagery and are of great importance. These recurring themes speak of curiosity, scrutiny, and a fascination with bilateral symmetry; a characteristic so prevalent throughout the natural world.” Mini sculptures organized in a somewhat radial layout and photographed.

19 Radial Design In Architecture

20 Islamic Mosaic Architectural Element

21 Wild Heptamer Sevenfold radial symmetry Stained glass

22 Saint Mary's Basilica, Minneapolis, Minnesota Posted by HelenJr on Flickr

23 Radial Design in Sculpture

24 Frank Saliani Blue-Green Radial 29" diameter Colored cast porcelain

25 The sculpture in the previous image was constructed from six separate pieces.
An individual part is composed of varied forms that radiate from a center. The artist states: “Harmony is maintained successfully in this piece when pattern is based on the number three.”

26 AP 3D – Imagine four pieces of interlocking plexiglass with radial sculptural elements fully integrated.

27 Engine Replica A nine cylinder radial engine. It's a faithful replica of an actual Pratt and Whitney Wasp Jr. aircraft engine. There is actually a museum dedicated to miniature engines. This motor is 1/4 scale, and measures 12.5 inches diameter overall. Photo courtesy of Paul  Knapp Perhaps AP 3D students could construct a radial sculpture from metallic objects.

28 Off Loom Bead Woven Jewelry
Sea Star Bangle by Rachel Nelson-Smith The artist designed using “structural right-angle weave and tubular even-count peyote stitch in radial symmetry” to interpret sea creatures as bangle adornments.

29 Trophy Lisa Kokin Sewn found photographs, found text, 9 x 9 x 4-1/2, 2000

30 Ragnar Britta Miller 2009 Wire, foil, Sculpey modeling clay, acrylic paint "As a foulness shall ye know Them. Their hand is at your throats, yet ye see Them not; and Their habitation is even one with your guarded threshold. Yog-Sothoth is the key to the gate, whereby the spheres meet. Man rules now where They ruled once; They shall soon rule where man rules now."

31 Student Examples

32 White Tiger Lily Leslie 15” x 15” Watercolor and ink on illustration board

33 Who Let the Dogs Out? Sunny 15” x 15” Marker on illustration Board

34 Dependence Ethan 15” x 15” Spilled coffee, watercolor, ink, graphite

35 Zodiac Signs Harim 15” x 15” Watercolor and ink

36 Extinct Iris 15” x 15” Graphite and ebony pencil on illustration board

37 Hemisphere Horses Jenny 15” x15” Watercolor and ink on illustration board

38 Valerie Digital Photograph

39 Project Requirements AP 2D and AP Drawing AP 2D Photography
Brainstorm and doodle your project ideas in your sketchbook. Get your visual references together. Decide on an approach. Be creative and original. Try to make a statement rather than just a pretty picture. The exterior measurements of your paper, bristol, illustration, or matt board must be a minimum of 15” x15”. Can be up to 18 x 18.” Measure out a border. Fill the space. Use a compass or trace a plate to get that circle just right. If you decide on a kaleidoscope approach, measure carefully to find center. Draw the vertical and horizontal lines first, keeping them parallel to the edges of your paper. Then, continue to divide your pie slices. Yes, it’s fine to break the edge of the circle for increased visual interest. Media – Free choice. AP 2D Photography Pay attention to the tips within the slide show. You can find radial designs in your environment, perhaps on an investigative outing. However, please avoid those obvious car tires. Everyone has seen that shot a hundred times. I highly recommend that you design your own layout, light it, and shoot it. Take at least 24 shots. Then narrow it down. Please do not discard any “extra” images unless they are horrific. Sometimes, just the right image hides in the batch.

40 Resources

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